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Tis the season to be spoiled?

By Kathryn Kendall | 22 November 2017 | Comments (2)

What makes the difference between blessing and spoiling our kids at Christmas? Is it really about the number of shiny boxes under the tree?


The unexpected blessing of giving in secret

By Kathryn Kendall | 24 April 2017

It’s our 10th wedding anniversary and we’re sitting down to dinner at the fancy hotel where we plan to spend the next two days. The setting is beautiful, the menu looks irresistible, and our mobiles have been left behind in the room. And what makes it both a little strange and overwhelmingly special is that we have no idea who paid for it.


Generosity When Your Kids Are Awake

By Kathryn Kendall | 22 March 2017 | Comments (1)

Generosity When Your Kids Are Awake - a blog by Stewardship

Kathryn Kendall explores the subject of prioritising generosity in busy family life.