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Bible Verses on Giving and Generosity

By Rosanna Jeffery | 15 January 2021

The Bible has a lot to say on the subject of giving. It doesn’t just tell us that we should give, but also how, why, when, and who to. We’ve put together a list of well-known verses on giving and generosity to encourage and inspire you in your personal giving.


What I've Learnt About Giving Since Covid-19

By Rosanna Jeffery | 4 September 2020

Seasonal giving is the norm, whoever you are and however much you have to give. People are automatically moved to give more at Christmas, whether they know the person or not. Yet Covid-19 has taught me that generosity has to exist all year round – no exceptions.


Hope from Addiction: How Generosity Brought Ricky and Julie to Jesus

By Ruth Leigh | 28 August 2020

“People avoided me and things were difficult with my family because of my drug taking. Donald and June treated me like a normal person, and their willingness to sit down with me and get me whatever I needed showed me what transformational generosity looked like.”


Care for the Family: Supporting those Grieving During the Pandemic

By Gill Nichol | 31 July 2020

In mid-July, around two weeks after lockdown was first eased, my elderly, much loved uncle was admitted to hospital as a day patient for a routine operation. He was expected home at 2pm. But at 2pm he was still in theatre, with surgeons dealing with a serious and unexpected turn of events. My uncle was rushed to ICU. The prognosis was bleak – we were told ‘to hope for the best but prepare for the worst’.


How Far Could You Go to Be Generous?

By Rosanna Jeffery | 4 June 2020 | Comments (1)


After my friend quit her high-flying, high-paying job to go travelling, COVID-19 suddenly intervened. Once back in London and working shifts at her local Co-op, she made the drastic announcement that after “not much thought” she was planning to shave her head (and livestream it) to raise money for the NHS. We all secretly wondered if perhaps lockdown had caused her to officially ‘lose it’ (pardon the pun).


God uses small things: even a passing comment

By Philip McMillan | 28 May 2020

Over the years of our work in mission, my wife and I must have sent several hundred news and prayer letters. You never really know what the response will be after it has been sent. Mailing platforms allow you to see who has opened your letter, if your friends and supporters have clicked on any links, where they live and who has, disappointingly, opted to unsubscribe from your mailing list. But you seldom find out what impact your letter has had on the recipients, their attitudes, concerns or motivations.


10 ways people are continuing to be generous during lockdown

By Rosanna Jeffery | 13 May 2020 | Comments (1)


The onset of coronavirus has exposed our world’s selfishness, but it’s also acted as a catalyst for an outpouring of generosity. It’s human nature to be concerned about our own well being, but as Christians, we want to continue to live out God’s word to love our neighbour as ourselves and attend to the needs of others.



The Fear of Loss

By David Flowers | 6 May 2020 | Comments (3)


We’re into our seventh week of lockdown and although we know there are still good things happening, we’re also aware of a murkiness filtering across the media and social landscape. Blame, anger and, perhaps most of all, fear. A fear which sometimes lies secretively just below the surface of those other emotions.


Building for the Kingdom from your Home

By Joel Leakey | 24 April 2020 | Comments (3)

I’m amazed by the story of Lee McClelland, a pastor and a fellow Northern Irishman. He shares a story that is beyond me to imagine – stuck in hospital with coronavirus, a day away from having to be put on a ventilator.


The wonder drug of generosity

By Ruth Leigh | 21 February 2020 | Comments (2)

Since his cancer diagnosis seven years ago, Jeremy Marshall has discovered his own wonder drug. It’s not a treatment plan, nor a mental attitude. It is simply and wholly this: generosity.