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Pressing Re-set this Christmas

By Frances Miles | 4 December 2020

My niece works for a large supermarket chain and has been involved in designing the Christmas Advert campaign. Usually, ideas are agreed many months ahead, but the opportunity was given to wait a bit longer, to be more reflective, and to focus the message on what really matters this year. 

What if all of us were able to pause and focus a bit more in this season?


Too comfortable in our giving?

By Frances Miles | 21 April 2017 | Comments (5)

 Too comfortable in our giving? - A blog by Stewardship

Homeward bound on a Wednesday evening I headed out of my local train station aiming for the tram stop straight ahead.  In between me and the exit were a couple of ‘chuggers’- or ‘charity muggers’ - so called, because of the enthusiastic  way they try to engage in conversation and sign you up to a very worthy cause. Different to the costume-wearing volunteers who stand optimistically shaking a tin on street corners, these guys are seriously bold, salesy and persistent.