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Could You Live By Faith? Inspiring Stories of Those Who Trusted God With Everything

By Heather Tomlinson | 15 November 2016 | Comments (6)

Throughout Christian history many people have given up stable sources of income to go headlong into a new adventure with God, just because they believed that He asked them to.


How God Had Better Plans For A Wounded Olympic Athlete

By Craig Borlase | 18 July 2016

wounded olympic athlete

With the 2016 Olympics just around the corner, we’ll soon be reintroduced to some of the stranger sports in the world. But forget about water polo, kitesurfing and handball, one of the strangest of them all is wrestling.


Should Christians give at Halloween?

By Daniel Jones | 28 October 2015 | Comments (9)

Should Christians give at Halloween?

The 31st.

One night, each year, we learned to dread as children.


how can we share our faith at work?

By Bethan Walker | 25 April 2012 | Comments (2)

So it's Monday morning and you've successfully made in to the office without falling asleep. Result!

Then that classic post weekend conversation starter kicks off. You know the one. It sounds a little bit like: "Morning Roger/Betty/Simon [insert name here]. How are you? Good weekend?"

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