The Science of Generous Living

By Debbie Wright | 26 March 2019


We are halfway through 40acts 2019 and, along with many faithful followers, every year our generosity campaign attracts thousands of new activists who get caught up in this wave of giving and altruism.

We know because our inbox and social media channels are brimming with stories of generosity and giving that touch our hearts and souls. We read them aloud, share over coffee and pore over pictures of people carrying out heart-warming acts for their neighbour, friend, boss or stranger.


Time: our most precious commodity

By Debbie Wright | 16 October 2017 | Comments (2)

After about an hour I was ready to wind up the conversation and our time together and made a slight move to go – when I realized that my friend, who is going through a very bad patch, was in no way finished.  Two and half-hours later we eventually said our goodbyes.  When our first hour had passed I had an epiphany. 


Giving Your Best

By Debbie Wright | 16 June 2016

giving your best

What does ‘giving your best’ look like?

“I wanted to do the very best I could possibly do for her”. These were the words that rang home with me when a close friend described the last few years of her mother’s life before dementia engulfed her and finally took her life.


Stewardship chats to Stephen and Jo Richards about their Giving Account

By Debbie Wright | 30 March 2016

Stephen and Jo discuss the Stewardship Giving Account

Stewardship helps nearly over 25,000 people manage their charitable giving across the UK. Whether the recipients are charities, churches, Bible college students or missionaries, we process more than £57million in gifts to them every year. We caught up with Stephen and Jo to talk about their experience of the Giving Account.


I wish I were...

By Debbie Wright | 15 February 2016 | Comments (4)

I wish I were... - a blog by Stewardship

 ‘I wish I were……’ is probably one of the most destructive phrases any of us can think or utter.  And unfortunately for all of us, Christians included, it can insidiously creep in, throwing seeds of dissatisfaction into every area of our lives.  '…slimmer, fitter, richer, wiser, younger, more popular, talented, confident, focused…' - the list goes on and on.


Book now for our 2016 Generosity Retreats!

By Debbie Wright | 14 January 2016 | Comments (2)

Two exciting opportunities are coming this summer to take time out and explore what it means to live generously under God.


Christian Legacy Week: Monday 19 - Monday 25 October 2015

By Debbie Wright | 14 October 2015 | Comments (1)

Christian Legacy Week


Christian Legacy is a unique partnership between a group of leading charities who are raising awareness of legacy giving in the Christian community.  This October, Christian Legacy Week offers you the chance to think about the difference you want to make and to help you in making that decision.


40acts wins Digital Campaign Jerusalem Award!

By Debbie Wright | 14 October 2015

40acts team accepts a Jerusalem Award

Last night the team behind the 40acts Challenge for Lent were thrilled to accept a Jerusalem Award in the Digital Campaign category.



2 new resources to help you grow a generous church

By Debbie Wright | 13 October 2015

2 new resources to help you grow a generous church

Stewardship has created two FREE sermon resources for Advent and Lent to help church leaders prepare for these two big events in the church calendar...


am I really generous?

By Debbie Wright | 13 May 2015 | Comments (2)

I think the answer straight up is probably ‘no’. I can tick lots of boxes. I know lots of the theory and put it into practice in so many ways, but fundamentally, deep down in the bottom of my heart, I still put myself first. Why is that?