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3 Reasons We Might Hold Back from Giving to Church

By David Flowers | 18 July 2016 | Comments (1)

3 reasons we might hold back from giving to the church

An aged aunt lived with us for some years before she died. Latterly, she would often mistake teabags for currency and on tidying her room we found enough Yorkshire Tea stuffed under the mattress to keep a small café in business for weeks.


how to: avoid unwittingly giving occupiers of your premises legal rights

By Kevin Russell | 27 August 2014 | Comments (1)

how to avoid unwittingly giving occupiers of your premises legal rights

Law firm, Anthony Collins have issued a warning to churches who let their premises to other organisations and community groups, to take care not to unwittingly allow an occupants to gain a protected business tenancy. Just giving them an agreement that is said to be a ‘License’ to occupy is not sufficient. It is the reality of the situation that is important.


NI contributions for employees under 21 scrapped

By Kevin Russell | 22 August 2014

NI contributions for employees under 21 scrapped

The National Insurance Contributions Act 2014 provides for a zero rate of employer National Insurance Contributions, from 6th April 2015, for under 21 year olds. The policy objective here is to encourage the employment of young people.


VAT Zero rating of building work: the Capernwray decision

By Kevin Russell | 25 July 2014

zero rating of building work

In a case that recently went before the Courts, the First Tier Tribunal decided, amongst other things, that the activity of a Bible School was a business activity for VAT purposes. The case will be of interest to Christian charities as it potentially redefines advisors’ previous understanding of the law.


blessing the family of God - that's OK - isn't it?

By Stephen Matthews | 18 March 2014 | Comments (2)

Blessing the family of God


how to meet the needs of your local community

By Charlie Osewalt | 11 October 2013

How to meet the needs of your community

St. Luke’s church in Kentish town lay unused, a dumping ground for Kentish community rubbish for over 20 years. The church building held everything from stoves, to microwaves and minibus seats. The one thing it did not hold: a Sunday church meeting.