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team Stewardship joins Race for Life

By Bethan Walker | 12 July 2012

On Wednesday 11 July 2012, a team of twenty two Stewardship ladies, their friends, daughters and family members battled treacherous weather conditions to successfully complete the 5k Race for Life and raise money for charity.


how can we share our faith at work?

By Bethan Walker | 25 April 2012 | Comments (2)

So it's Monday morning and you've successfully made in to the office without falling asleep. Result!

Then that classic post weekend conversation starter kicks off. You know the one. It sounds a little bit like: "Morning Roger/Betty/Simon [insert name here]. How are you? Good weekend?"

Select your standard response from the options below:


top ten tips for fundraising

By Bethan Walker | 13 February 2012 | Comments (1)

You've decided to fundraise for a cause - well done! Now begins the hard work to encourage others to share your vision and support you. Read our top ten tips...


when the cameras stop rolling...

By Bethan Walker | 6 February 2012

This scene from Sindh, Pakistan reveals an unexpected after-effect of the huge floods which hit the area during 2010. As water levels rose, thousands of spiders took to the trees to escape. Because the flooding had such a devastating effect and has taken so long to drain away, many trees have become cocooned in the spider’s webs. Local inhabitants say that they have never witnessed such a phenomenon before.


the underground world of generosity

By Bethan Walker | 24 January 2012

For those who regularly travel on the London Underground, tubes can sometimes feel a tad unfriendly. There’s nothing like spending your commute squeezed into someone else’s back to ensure you arrive at your destination a little flustered. 


ministers in debt... tackling the taboo

By Bethan Walker | 6 January 2012

“As a chartered surveyor in Local Government, I enjoyed a good salary and loans with preferential rates. Then God called me into the ministry. Living by faith in Bible College was somewhat different!”. Restructuring debts and taking on a second job, whilst working for the church, seemed like the only option. “We ended up using credit cards to buy groceries, we felt we had no other choice; we chose more debt rather than allow our children to go without.”

This is how Julian’s story begins; one of a number of Church ministers who have found themselves reaching out to Christians Against Poverty’s debt counselling service in recent years. And Julian isn’t alone.



online giving reaches record high

By Bethan Walker | 9 December 2011

Did you know that online giving among the good people of Great Britain experienced an increase of 75% between 2008 and 2011?  Pretty good hey?

A survey published this week by the Evangelical Alliance also revealed that within the UK evangelical Christian community, over half of those respondents surveyed said they had made online donations to a charity or ministry in the last 12 months.