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Transformed by the love of the Father

By Barrie Thompson | 15 July 2019 | Comments (3)

A colleague of mine, who I worked with several years ago, had a son who had Down syndrome. There came a time when his son moved into his own accommodation, and all was well for a while. Then, one day, Dad received a telephone call.


Uncertainty, instability and generosity?

By Barrie Thompson | 17 January 2018 | Comments (2)


I get paid a monthly salary.  Thank you, Stewardship!  I get paid every month, on a particular date of every month, and the funds go directly into my Bank account every month.  

It makes you wonder what it feels like when the processing of a salary payment depends on many other factors; when a salary payment isn’t a certainty, and most definitely not a regular occurrence.


Generosity lessons from Zimbabwe

By Barrie Thompson | 20 November 2017

To ‘give out’ or ‘give away’ is one thing; to ‘give back’ is also just as important...