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The 40acts resources for small groups and churches are available now!

By Alexandra Khan | 24 November 2015 | Comments (6)

40acts Together 2016 resources are now available

40acts will be back in 2016, with brand new individual challenges and group resources. 

We're making two of the resources - for small groups and churches - available early to assist leaders in their planning. But because the new website is still under wraps, we're making the downloads available here for your convenience.


WATCH: the Advent Wonder 2015 film

By Alexandra Khan | 16 November 2015


In the midst of the consumerist hum we invite you to stop and reflect on the Christmas season in a wholly different way, with Stewardship's free Advent Wonder email series...


What to do when Christmas loses its sense of Wonder

By Alexandra Khan | 16 November 2015

Advent Wonder 2015 by Stewardship

“We’re not doing presents for adults this year,” my mother said in passing, the other day.

“Yeah, well there are so many children in the wider family it’s no wonder…”

She cut me off: “No, I mean, within our family. Just us. We’ve decided not to do it this year.”


Listen to the recording from the September treasurers' dial-in!

By Alexandra Khan | 19 October 2015

Listen to the recording of the quarterly church treasurer's dial-in for free!

Stewardship kicked off its new, free advice service for Church Treasurers in June this year, and so far it has been an incredible success. Over 100 people have called in for each session so far, and our in-house experts have shared their knowledge across a variety of relevant and current topics. Delegates found the dial-in so helpful that we decided to share the recording of the most recent call.



Premier Christian Media: Why we went to Calais

By Alexandra Khan | 14 September 2015 | Comments (2)

Premier's Jamie Cutteridge and a team of youth workers went to visit the refugee camp in Calais; here’s why they went and what they saw.


How To Be Generous On Holiday

By Alexandra Khan | 12 August 2015

"A beach, a book, and a bottle of SPF."

"Zip-lining across the Austrian Alps."

"Eating a different flavoured gelato in every major city in Italy."

All of us have different ideas when it comes to having 'the perfect holiday'. For most of us, holidays are our gift to ourselves. A time to be served; to take a break from all the doing and being; to relax or explore; to take photos and make memories. In other words? There's a lot of scope to leave the concept of generosity at the airport and make our holidays completely me-centric.


David Flowers: hoarding and saving

By Alexandra Khan | 16 June 2015 | Comments (6)


In the third installment of the David Flowers series, he looks at hoarding vs saving.


40acts 2015 - the story behind the numbers

By Alexandra Khan | 13 May 2015 | Comments (2)

40acts 2015 - the story behind the numbers

Easter seems like a lifetime ago, now. The only remnants of it are a couple of chocolate eggs in my 'naughty cupboard' at home, and the fast-fading 'DO LENT GENEROUSLY' paste-up that I walk past on my way to work.