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equipped to go: the top 5 things OSCAR thinks every missionary should know about

By Mike Frith | 4 April 2012 | Comments (1)

OSCAR is the premier online information portal for missionaries. We spoke to its founder - Mike Frith - about the top 5 resources every missionary should know about.

  1. Where to find the Right Opportunity - Some of the first questions anyone has when called to mission work are ‘Where should I go?’, ‘What shall I do?’ and ‘Who with?’. OSCAR lists opportunities from a huge range of mission and overseas Christian organisations ... in fact we list more opportunities in most categories than any other Christian website in the UK. We also link to others who also advertise Christian opportunities, which makes OSCAR a good place to start. See
  2. Where to find the Best Deals – There’s a lot of expenditure even before a missionary gets to the field; like flights, shipping, equipment, medicines etc. Then during home leave or holidays, more finance is needed for renting a house, a car or taking a holiday. For all of these, there are specialist services who can provide you with a good deal, often discounted and tailored to what you want rather than what someone wants to sell you. OSCAR lists many services throughout its website which fall into this category. Just search for what you need.
  3. Where to find People Who Understand – One of the problems in a missionary’s line of work is getting specialised advice and support from people who really understand their situation.  From the practical to the spiritual, OSCAR lists many services offering specialist and expert help in areas likely to come up in the life of a missionary.  This would include general financial advice, tax, insurance, medical treatment, childrens’ education, counselling etc.  As with the first point, just search the OSCAR site for what you need. OSCAR also has an interactive online community of around 400 Christian workers (OSCARactive), so there’s always someone in a similar situation who can offer peer-to-peer advice or share experiences.
  4. How to get your Church Onboard – There are some good resources to help you with raising personal support. Stewardship provides some great help in this area, including the ‘Funding the Family Business’ course. But what about getting your church onboard? ‘Serving as Senders’ is the title of a key book which helps churches grasp their responsibilities and opportunities for being involved in the life and ministry of the people they send. There is also a day course based on the book which can be conducted right in your supporting church to help get everyone on board. See
  5. Help with Re-entry & Retirement – Re-entry is an important time. It’s also a time when missionaries can feel the least supported. When you return from overseas or retire from mission work, OSCAR continues to help you when others might think you don’t need it. We list services which can help you find a car, buy a house, find a church, link up with other returned missionaries ... you name it. We also have info about courses, retreats and services which can offer advice during this important time. Again, just search OSCAR for what you need or email us and we’ll help you find it.


You can email Mike at [email protected] for more info on any of the topics above.

Posted by Mike Frith

Mike is the Director of OSCAR, a support service for Christians involved in mission. Prior to setting up OSCAR, he worked as a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Madagascar and Uganda. He is married to Cheryl and they have two teenage children.


Hugo Paulini

April 6, 2012 9:25 AM
Dear Stewardship people.
Sorry for my poor English...., In this moment I live in Argentina again with my family but a few year ago we was living in London and also in Italy.
We was YWAMers missionaries and in this tame me ( Hugo) I'm going to Italy for 1 1/2 month ( May and June) with 20 pastors and leaders from Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela.

In this opportunity our goal is to see the Italian reality today for prepaid better ours missionaries .

Our familiar experiences overseas was in the middle of difficult situations an therefore today my wife prefer live in Argentina.

Our experiences in London was in the middle of a YWAMer base so, no very difficult ( only the language) but, in Italy was so strong.
My call is to Italy so, I'm going to Italy again but for a short term.
Our re-entry in Argentina (2010) was a little be difficult also.

Could you help me with some " special word ".

From 30th April to 05 June I will be in London for preaching in a Spanish Church

Thanks for your help, God bless you.

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