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Stopped by lockdown?

By Jo Arkell | 28 January 2021

Lockdown has stopped so many things: gathering with friends, seeing family, visiting those in hospital. It’s such a difficult time for all of us.

But there’s one thing that lockdown shouldn’t stop if you’re a Christian Worker, and that’s connecting with your existing supporters or finding new ones.

The process of connecting with supporters is vital to the life of your mission. Supporters aren’t a money tree (as I’m sure you’re aware), they are partners in the work you do. Partners are a big part of the reason your work gets to happen, so keeping them connected to the work and vision is so important.

At this time of separation and negative news headlines, hearing positive stories about the work they are supporting can be encouraging and uplifting.

What about finding new supporters? Don’t let lockdown put a dampener on that. One of our recipients who has been raising support during lockdown said, “People want to feel needed, especially when it can feel that the kingdom is also in lockdown. When many of us feel like we’re fighting disconnection, inviting people to partner in your work makes us feel more connected at a time when we need it the most.”

The great technology we have allows us to still go through a clear support raising process:

Step 1: Text or call a potential partner and ask to have an online get together. Tell them you want to share what you’ve been doing and that you’re looking for a few new partners who can encourage you, pray and give financially. And don’t forget to tell them why you want them to be involved.

Step 2: Assuming they say yes, arrange the time and send the Zoom link. You may want to think about how to make it more fun – for example, agree to share tea and cake or a takeaway. It doesn’t matter that they bring theirs and you bring yours!

Step 3: Have a clear presentation that you can share over Zoom. The presentation should include pictures and not too many words. It’s not a script, it’s just something visual to keep the conversation focused and helps you get to the part where you ask the ‘Would you like to partner with me?’ question.

Step 4: Leave a gap for them to answer. The answer may be ‘Can I think about it?’ or ‘Can I talk to my spouse about it?’ which is fine. Let them know you’ll be in touch in a few days to see if they need any further information or if they’ve made a decision. If they say yes, be sure the give them clear details on how to set up giving, e.g. send them your link or support form.

Step 5: Agree that you will call them in a week or so to hear what they’ve decided or if they need any help setting up their support.

Step 6: Call them! Don’t chicken out, they’re waiting for you! It’s up to you to keep the initiative and follow up.

While lots of things have been put on hold during lockdown, God is still working and people need to hear about it! Support raising is a great way of inviting people into what God is doing in your corner of the world.

The technology is there – so why not give it a go.


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Posted by Jo Arkell

Jo works in the Individual Recipient Team at Stewardship. She lives in East London with her husband Dave, four sons and their dog. She likes running, swimming, tap dancing and sitting down.


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