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church events - the legal requirements

By Kevin Russell | 13 January 2012 | Comments (1)


Churches up and down the UK run many thousands of events every year. If you're an event organiser, did you realise that there are legal considerations to take into account?

The Churches Legislation Advisory Service (CLAS) has just produced a very helpful free 9-page checklist,  covering various legal requirements and matters that need to considered when a church plans an event. It includes considerations such as Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Insurance, Food Safety, Alcohol Licenses, and more.

Stewardship works closely with the Churches Legislation Advisory Service. They are an ecumenical membership organisation that seeks to communicate with and influence Government on legislation  and other matters which directly affect churches, and to act as a channel through which Government can consult the churches as a whole. They also comment on the impact of proposed legislation, as well as acting on churches/church ministers’ behalves to seek to cure anomalies and bring about a regime that is as fair as possible. To find out more about membership of CLAS, click here.

To obtain your copy of the Occasional Events checklist, visit the CLAS website and select the ‘Publications’ tab. From there, you can download the document.

Posted by Kevin Russell

Our Legal Eagle guru and Stewardship's Technical Director, Kevin constantly has his finger on the pulse of all things tax and charity law-related. His briefing papers for charities, churches and individuals are an invaluable resource on everything from VAT to Gift Aid. 


North Ridge

July 10, 2012 6:00 PM
WOW! I didn't even now that you had to consider these things.

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