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Charity Commission 5-minute guides for trustees

By Alan Hough | 9 December 2020

The Charity Commission has labelled their new 5-minute guides for trustees as a ‘core syllabus’ covering the basics that the regulator expects all trustees to be aware of. In a time when more professionalism is being expected of trustees, it is important that charity trustees can quickly grasp what is required of them and be signposted towards more detailed guidance if required. These guides are designed to do just that.

The guides cover five areas of trusteeship:


  • Financial oversight;
  • Achieving a charity’s purposes;
  • Good decision making;
  • Addressing conflicts of interest;
  • What to file with the Commission and what support is available.


The Commission issued these guidelines as a contribution to ‘Trustees week’ (early November), the annual celebration of charity trustees and the contribution they make to society.

At Stewardship, we also recognise the importance of charity trustees and celebrate the work that they do, with our focus being on those trustees operating within a church or Christian charity. Being a trustee is a very important and hopefully rewarding role within the organisation that you serve. Good effective churches and charities need good effective trustees as an essential part of a broad and diverse leadership team. Romans 12 draws that familiar picture of the church as the “body of Christ”, urging each person to take their place for the benefit of all.

As churches and charities grapple with the ever changing regulatory landscape, and the issues of the day (understanding and applying COVID guidance being the latest), more than ever trustees are proving a valuable and indispensable part of that body.

So what do trustees do? What powers do they have? How do you find good ones? How do you blend the spiritual requirements of leading a church or Christian charity with the governance requirements?

To help answer these and other questions, we have written a suite of briefing papers freely available on our website looking at different aspects of trusteeship. These are in no way intended to rival those produced by the Commission, but rather to be complimentary as we seek to introduce the special flavour that Christian trusteeship carries with it. Our suite of papers covers:



In order to help trustees further, Stewardship also offers trustees training. Follow this link to see what the training consists of and upcoming dates in your area.


Regulator's '5-minute guides' will support charity trustees to meet duties

Charity structure and governance briefing paper

Trustees Training

Posted by Alan Hough

Alan has an accounting background having worked in “the City” for more years than he cares to mention. He now works as an advisor and consultant to a number of Christian churches and charities seeking to help them better understand and embrace their finances.

On a good day, you might find him on out on his bike or at White Hart Lane cheering on his beloved Spurs.


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