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New feature added to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account: November 2020

By Rosanna Jeffery | 13 November 2020

We've added a brand-new feature to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account to help you better manage your account on the new platform.

Based on requests we have received, we have created an additional Gift Aid tab to enable you to easily access and download the amounts you have given to us, where we have claimed Gift Aid. Below are examples displaying the tab with and without the drop down filter in order to show that you can click any tax year (or multiple) depending on the information you may require. This filter will make it clearer and easier to find what you need.

This information is mainly designed for tax returns, which is why we've included the download option. The new feature is designed for all Gift Aid givers, including DAF and Philanthropy Fund donors.

In order to find this information, you will firstly need to navigate to the transactions tab (see below) then click on the Gift Aid tab.

If you have access to the new-look account, sign in now to take a look and start using the Gift Aid tab.


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What if I don't have access to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account?

Access to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account is now available to all Stewardship Giving Account holders. Find out how to update your account today. 


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What do you think of your new-look account?

We’d love to hear what you think of your new-look Stewardship account and if there is anything you would change or add. Please share your thoughts by completing our survey or leave your comments below.


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Posted by Rosanna Jeffery

Rosanna works for Stewardship as their Marketing Executive. She lives in East London and in her spare time enjoys art, reading, films, music, food, cycling, travelling, and learning languages. 


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