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Employment NI Allowance Reminder

By Jackie Fletcher | 17 September 2020

A reminder that a charitable company cannot claim the Employment NI Allowance when all of the following apply:

  • an employee is a director and
  • that employee / director is the only employee to be paid over the national insurance threshold

To be able to continue to claim the allowance, we have seen some employees of charitable companies resign as directors. In order to check whether you are eligible, the HMRC guidance on the Employment NI Allowance can be found here: GOV.UK - Claim Employment Allowance.

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Employment Allowance

Posted by Jackie Fletcher

Jackie is the Treasurer Services Lead at Stewardship. Having worked in the Payroll Bureau since September 2016, she now co-ordinates our Payroll Bureau, Charity Formation and Consultancy Helpline teams. Prior to this, she was a primary school teacher and has also been involved in charity finance and administration for over nineteen years. She is passionate about supporting Christian charities, enabling them to focus on mission and ministry, and in her spare time she volunteers for a charity that works with the homeless. She is a fan of family, friends and food.


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