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UK Church Called to Pray for COVID-19 Global Need This Sunday

By Stewardship | 7 September 2020

UK Church leaders are being urged to show a two-minute video in church this Sunday (13th Sept), highlighting the impact of Covid-19 on the world’s poorest nations, and explaining why now is the time for the Church to be generous givers to those most vulnerable to the virus.

Christian philanthropy charity Stewardship has partnered with a number of leading international partners including Tearfund, World Vision, A21 and Open Doors as well as grass roots Christian charities in Lebanon, Brazil, South Africa and India, to encourage churches to take part in its Global Rapid Response Campaign. It has produced a short video featuring a powerful piece by Christian spoken word artist Kenneth Omole, which can be accessed at

Stewardship are encouraging church leaders to show the video live in a church building, via online church services, or to simply send the link to church members via email to inspire prayer and intercession for the global crisis. They are also urging every Christian to use their social media outlets to maximise exposure of the challenges faced by many communities from around the world because of Covid-19.

Stewart McCulloch, CEO of Stewardship said: “Covid-19 will have and is already having a disproportionate impact on the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people and yet our UK media is occupied with domestic issues. We hear little of the international impact where our brothers and sisters face the trauma of crisis upon crisis. We have spoken to Christians all over the world; I was most struck by those in Beirut and Yemen who risk their lives every day to bring help and hope to their neighbours. In turn we are called to help them carry on their life saving ministries.”

The video aims to stimulate faith into action for Stewardship’s Global Rapid Response initiative. It highlights five webinars Stewardship is hosting every Thursday afternoon during September, where front line charity leaders and local church leaders will share their experiences and explain how we can make a real difference to the lives of those suffering around the globe.

The webinars from Lebanon, South Africa, Brazil and India will also be uploaded to Stewardship’s campaign webpage so people can catch up if unable to access the webinar on the day.
For full information about the webinars and supporting projects across the globe, visit


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