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UK Church Challenged To Unite and Give Generously to Alleviate Global Impact of COVID-19

By Stewardship | 27 August 2020

Fresh from our success of raising and distributing nearly £5 million in just 100 days to Christian charities and churches serving people most affected by Covid-19 in the UK, we are now launching a Global Rapid Response Campaign.

Via a series of five weekly webinars, together with A21, Open Doors, Tearfund, World Vision and other partners from around the world, we will be highlighting the impact that Covid-19 is having globally and inviting Christians to join in a collective and united response through generous giving.

Our CEO, Stewart McCulloch, said: “Our campaign in spring raised nearly £5 million which was used by reliable, trusted churches and charities with in-depth knowledge of those most in need in the UK. But as the UK emerges from lockdown we know that the impact of Covid-19 is only just starting to be felt across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.”

“There are many churches and charities on the ground doing incredible work to continue their mission while also responding proactively and positively to support their communities as they face this pandemic. We at Stewardship are uniquely placed to work with these ministry partners to bring attention and awareness to this incredible effort and to give the UK Church the opportunity to support this work.”

We will be issuing a 'Call to Action' at the end of each webinar, affirming that Christians in the UK have a worldwide responsibility to care for those most in need. During the five webinars, Christians and church leaders will be equipped with teaching on biblical foundations for giving, up-to-date information on countries most affected by the virus, and what Christian charities and agencies are doing on the frontline to eliminate need and improve lives.

The first webinar will be held on Thursday 27 August at 2.30pm and features a keynote message from Christine Caine, Founder of A21 – a global non-profit, non-governmental organisation that works to fight human trafficking, including sexual exploitation and forced and slave labour. Each subsequent Thursday, there will be updates on the impact of coronavirus in regions such as Lebanon and the Middle East, South Africa and Africa, Brazil and Latin America, and India and Asia.

We have created a web page where all of the webinars can be accessed. Those watching will be able to donate to highlighted charities and projects mentioned, as well as download content to share with their own church and family and/or friends.

Stewart added: “In each webinar, Christians in the UK will be given inside knowledge as to how the pandemic has changed the working situation for these key charities, hear of the biggest challenges, the greatest needs and prayer requests, and learn how through their generous giving, individual lives, families and communities can be transformed and saved.”

For more information on our Global Rapid Response Campaign, visit


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