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New features added to the new-look Stewardship accounts: June 2020

By Bethan Walker | 8 June 2020

We've added some brand-new features across our new-look Stewardship accounts to provide more ways to manage your account on the new platform. 

If you have access to the new-look account, sign in now to take a look. 


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New feature 1: Add additional users to your account

New-look account holders can now add additional users to their account (such as a spouse or trusted family member). Additional users will be able to sign into the account using their own sign in details, and will have access to view and manage the following settings:

  • Bank Account and Payment Settings: Additional users will be able to view the bank account that is linked to your Stewardship account. For Stewardship Individual Account holders, additional users can also make changes to the frequency and timing of when your payments are sent.
  • General Account Settings: Additional users will have access to view your general account settings. For Stewardship Individual Account holders, additional users can view your annual target and ministry expenses and can also make changes to how often email updates about account activity and payment breakdowns are received.
  • Manage Permissions: Additional users also have access to manage certain user permissions with the account. They can add a new user and delete themselves as a user. However, they are unable to delete the primary user of the account.


New feature 2: Sign into using your Stewardship ID

Your Stewardship ID is the way you sign in if you are a new-look Stewardship account holder. It's a fast and easy sign in process, with the option to select social login.

New-look Stewardship account holders can now use their Stewardship ID as an easier way to sign into, our online fundraising platform too. New users can now also create a Stewardship ID when they create their first gift.



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What if I don't have access to the new-look account?

Find out how to update your account today. 


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What do you think of your new-look account?

We’d love to hear what you think of your new-look Stewardship account and if there is anything you would change or add. Please share your thoughts by completing our survey or leave your comments below.


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Posted by Bethan Walker

Bethan is a marketing and communications executive at Stewardship. Bethan has worked in marketing for seven years and now enjoys working in the not-for-profit sector having previously worked in Professional Services. 


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