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The Fear of Loss

By David Flowers | 6 May 2020 | Comments (3)



We’re into our seventh week of lockdown and although we know there are still good things happening, we’re also aware of a murkiness filtering across the media and social landscape. Blame, anger and, perhaps most of all, fear. A fear which sometimes lies secretively just below the surface of those other emotions.

We remember how perfect love drives out fear (1 John 4:18) – when we are on the receiving end of unconditional love, fear vanishes like a shadow in the light. We also remember how we can choose to believe in the promises of scripture and grow in the certainty which thwarts fear.

There’s a third aspect to dealing with fear, which is tough but still worth chewing on: the enemy tries to stir up the fear of loss – the loss of friendship or health or familiar surroundings or the future or your hopes and expectations. When confronted by fear of loss you have a question to consider. It is a difficult question and it takes courage to look at it.

Where does your security lie? Let me illustrate it with money. This is how you disentangle the fear of loss when it comes to money – and you can apply the same principle to anything else you may be afraid of losing:

  • The safety of money leads to:
  • The fear of loss (of the money), which leads to:
  • The loss of faith.

It might sound harsh, but let’s think about it: if you find that you are experiencing fear about the loss of your savings (as the stock market tumbles) or your income (as your job is under threat), then it means that the enemy has subtly persuaded you to put your faith in your money or your job, to feel safe when there’s money in the bank. So, when that safety is threatened, you experience fear of loss, which then undermines your faith in a loving God who provides.

It’s perfectly understandable and it urges us into choosing to press into God and to grow our trust in him. Jesus spoke at length about this (see Luke 12:22-34) and concluded by saying, ‘Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.’ (Luke 12:32 NIV).

The kingdom, in this context, means wonderful divine provisions.

Do not fear loss, do not be afraid but put your faith in the Creator of the universe, the ultimate Provider and Sustainer, the Lover of your soul, the King of Kings – who is pleased to give you the greatest blessing conceivable – the kingdom.


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Posted by David Flowers

David Flowers is the pastor of Leeds Vineyard and a director of Flowers McEwan Ltd, a financial planning firm in Leeds. He is learning generosity despite being a Yorkshireman. 


Peter Sturrock

May 13, 2020 3:13 PM
Great blog David, thank you for it. Very timely. I think fear of dying to coronavirus too, and having faith to know that if it were to happen I am not separated from God, I am saved through Jesus.

Adrian Hancock

May 14, 2020 6:01 AM
Thanks David - a very timely blog with an urgent and invaluable reminder of where our security must lie - challenging and encouraging.

Christine Reid

May 20, 2020 5:39 PM
Thank you I found that very reassuring.
Is it possible my fear is wrapped up with grieguess my fear is wrapped up with grief grief of not seeing my loved ones for so long?
I may be doing somesting nice and enjoying my time when suddenly my eyes start to well up and tears slide down my can be embarrassing especially if I'm on zoom.
I need the social contact of my family and loved ones and know others do too. I wondered if this is common?

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