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How 40acts Helped two Charities at the Onset of COVID-19

By Rosanna Jeffery | 27 April 2020 | Comments (1)

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, financial giving has experienced a severe strain due to the global economic uncertainty. But within our 40acts community, we have seen a fresh outpouring of generosity for the charities featured in this year’s challenge. 

We spoke with Acts 435 director, Jenny Herrera, and Ambassadors Football intern, Bronnie King, to find out how their causes have benefitted during this difficult time from the donations of 40acts readers.

Acts 435 is an online charity focused on giving via a network of local churches and charities. Executive Director Jenny Herrera shared with us how the donations they received have impacted them and how they are responding to the current pandemic.

“As part of Act 17 in 40acts, readers were invited to make a donation to help someone in UK poverty through our charity, Acts 435. It was 16th March so we were expecting a muted response because of the impact of coronavirus which was very much dominating hearts and minds by then. However, we were humbled by the response with over £8,000 given on that day and 134 new donors in that week alone.”

Like 40acts, Acts 435 is also marking a 10-year milestone this year. It’s becoming a strange year to celebrate an anniversary, but Jenny has been amazed at the response. “One thing we are still seeing is the goodness of people wanting to help. Acts 435 usually has an average of 130 live requests at any one time on our website. Since the COVID-19 lockdown we have seen such generosity in giving that we have averaged less than 20 live requests on our website for the past four weeks.”

Jenny is proud of the charity’s advocates who are continuing to reach out to vulnerable people through Foodbanks and other ministries. “It warms my heart to be able to provide swiftly for the different needs they are posting for people in their community. Whether that be a replacement washing machine for the single parent out of work because the hotel she worked for has closed or a mobile phone to connect an isolated ex-offender, we step into the gap and meet specific needs of people facing huge challenges at this time.”



Bronnie King interns for faith-based charity Ambassadors Football, who use football to spread the good news about Jesus. She told us how they are keeping afloat during COVID-19 and spoke of God’s provision through generous 40acts participants.

“Most of our work consists of projects within our communities. When football is the tool you use to reach people, it’s hard to utilise that during a lockdown. But we’re learning and like so many others, we’ve had to move fully digital during this time.

Ambassadors Football are sending out weekly challenges and articles for people at home with a relevant Bible verse and have been using the time to reach out to people on a more personal level.

Bronnie tells us, “For Ambassadors, the upcoming months were crucial in our financial calendar. We had fundraisers planned and it is also Holiday Club season. We had ordered equipment, taken deposits and sorted all the other necessities that go into running a camp. Now, they are all postponed and most of our staff members have been furloughed. Things were looking very uncertain for us.

“Our 40acts post (Act 34) came out at the start of April and within a few days we received 11 new donations and many more people getting in touch to find out more. I was blown away – I hadn’t even considered that it might result in people actually donating to us! That generosity could not have come at a more crucial time. Not only was it invaluable financial support, the encouragement from people was amazing. To receive a donation is such a tangible way of people showing they believe in the work you’re doing.”

Bronnie explained how encouraged she’d been. “People are more financially unstable than ever before, yet they’re responding by… giving! It’s so counter-cultural that it really does point to something different. The devil wants to cause panic and fear. He wants to make us cling on tighter to the things (like money) that give us a little feeling of being in control. But as Christians, we have a greater hope than money and a much stronger Rock to lean on.”

“We are so thankful to everyone who blessed us through their donations and to Stewardship for facilitating it. In times of fear there is such a need for Christians to be out there proclaiming the one thing that can provide hope. Please keep on giving, keep encouraging those in mission and keep providing the means for this crucial work to continue.”


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Posted by Rosanna Jeffery

Rosanna works for Stewardship as their Marketing Executive. She lives in East London and in her spare time enjoys art, reading, films, music, food, cycling, travelling, and learning languages. 


John Woodbridge

April 30, 2020 5:57 PM
Two great charities, well done .Acts 345 does excellent work locally for people in need and we have supported Martin Bateman at Ambassadors Football for many years, they do a fantastic job all over the world in growing young Christians.

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