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Improvements and fixes to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account

By Bethan Walker | 21 January 2019


We have released a number of improvements and fixes to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account (NLGA). This patch contained a number of bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements.

The list of changes is as follows:


1. When signing in:

When signing into NLGA using Microsoft Edge, when a user clicks ‘sign in’ after adding user details the page goes white. If the page is refreshed the page states ‘Bad request’.    Microsoft Edge can now be used to manage the Stewardship new-look Giving Account


2. During initial set up:

When linking a bank account, on the final page of the process, the wording states that you can click a ‘cancel’ button to restart the process however a cancel button does not exist.    We've changed the wording of this page to explain how to exit the process. 


3. On the home page:


When viewed on a mobile screen, the cookie accept button is hidden by another message.



We’ve moved the message so that the cookie message is fully visible.


Hamburger not visible on small screens where user has a balance of over £1M.



We’ve updated this to allow full visibility for all balance amounts.


When the profile button and hamburger buttons are tapped, the only way to hide the detail is then to tap again on the buttons. 



We’ve updated this so you can tap anywhere outside of the pop up and it will hide.


When viewed on a mobile screen, the edge of the white profile pop up is not clear when positioned over the top of the top-up/give button (also white).



We’ve resolved this.


When viewed on a desktop, the hamburger dropdown menu spans the width of the screen. However, for each of the menu options, only if you click directly on the words of each of the menu choices will it link to the corresponding page.


We’ve updated this so now you can click anywhere on the row of each of the menu options it will work as a link.

4. When making a gift:


When viewed on an iPad, when trying to make a gift, the ‘continue’ button did not work.



We’ve resolved this.


Page 1 (search for a charity):


Clicking on the heart icon will add a charity to your favourites list but the heart does not turn into a solid white colour as it should. Creates a confusing user experience. 



We’ve resolved this.


When searching for a charity, if user selects last charity on the page, the choices open up beneath the visible page. It appears that nothing has happened.



We’ve updated the page. It now automatically jumps down to show the choices.


The process of expanding each of the ‘favourite charities’ to reveal addition information and available options is reported to require improvement to the user experience.



We’ve updated the page. It now automatically jumps down to show the choices.


The drop down box ‘select a project’ is shown shows even when a recipient has just one project linked to their account.



We’ve updated this area so that the drop down box ‘select a project’ only shows when a recipient account has multiple projects from which a giver can choose from. 


 Page 2 (donation value):


There is a continue button that is disabled. 



We’ve resolved this.


 Page 3 (summary and reference box):


When viewed on mobile, webpage automatically puts the cursor in the reference text. However, it also moves the screen down so you cannot see the text at the top of the screen without scrolling up.



We’ve edited the page so that a user will always see the top of the page. Only when they tap into the reference box does the screen jump down.


At the point of choosing whether the gift is to be anonymous or not, the buttons were reported to be hard to use on a mobile.



We’ve changed the radio buttons into tick boxes as they are easier to use and see on a mobile device.


(One-off gifts): The text in the button ‘Confirm gift from Stewardship Account’ is partially cut off.



We’ve updated this so all the text shows on the button.


(One-off gifts): If ‘Change funding source’ button is selected, the formatting on this screen is misaligned.  


We’ve resolved this.


5. When completing a top-up:


Page 3 (confirmation):


When completing a top-up using a bank account, the confirmation message states ‘£x has been transferred from your card to your Stewardship Account. Should say ‘bank account’ not ‘card’.



We’ve resolved this.


Parts of the text explaining the date of the next monthly transaction need to be simplified.   We've updated the text.


6. On all pages:


Stewardship’s company information is listed on selected pages only.



We’ve updated this so that information is listed on all pages.


When viewed on a desktop, the footer cannot be screen unless a user scrolls down.



We’ve updated the screen layout so the footer is always visible without the requirement to scroll.


Posted by Bethan Walker

Bethan is a marketing and communications executive at Stewardship. Bethan has worked in marketing for seven years and now enjoys working in the not-for-profit sector having previously worked in Professional Services. 


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