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Safe and Sound: Stewardship's Deposit Account

By Ruth Leigh | 23 June 2018

Deposit Account from Stewardship 

Stewardship’s Deposit Account is a gift to churches and Christian charities, with no setup charges, monthly interest and plenty of flexibility. One satisfied customer is Rachel Fadipe, Executive Director at SAT-7 UK.

“Having received a sizeable donation towards our work, we were looking for a safe place in which to keep it, along with easy access. Stewardship already support us by managing our regular giving, so a quick phone call to them got things in motion. Our trustees needed to know that we had put the money in a safe place and with Stewardship’s Deposit Account, I was able to reassure them.”

Having battled with complex and long-winded processes when trying to open accounts with other companies in the past, Rachel was bracing herself for a repeat performance. “I needn’t have worried. It was all made so straightforward and easy for me by the team - a huge relief.”

SAT-7 UK supports Christians in the Middle East and North Africa with their Christian TV service. Only 3.5% of the total population are Christians and many – especially women, children and lower income groups – would have no other access to the Christian message so the TV channels give them a portal into other worlds and a vital opportunity to hear the gospel.

“Our generous donor designated their gift to help to grow our operations in the UK. SAT-7 offers educational, inspiring, creative programming and as a result of that, our Middle East audience support teams receive hundreds of emails, texts and app-based messages every day from people asking for prayer, asking questions, or just saying thank you. That all takes funds to manage, and our trustees need to know that all donations are being kept safely in a flexible account. Hand on heart, with Stewardship’s Deposit Account, I can reassure them that that is the case.”

SAT-7 reach around 25 million viewers on their 5 channels. “God is on the move. SAT-7 is a daily miracle. So many Christians in the Middle East and North Africa are in isolated and dangerous situations. We give them the opportunity to connect with other Christians who may perhaps have had similar life experiences. To know that you are not the only person facing up to issues such as domestic violence, persecution and poverty is incredibly encouraging for our viewers.”

Like many charities, SAT-7 does a huge amount with very little. Their 5 TV channels are run on less than a quarter of the budget allocated for BBC4. Every penny is precious, another reason why the Deposit Account is so valuable and is helping SAT-7 UK to change lives.

You can find out more about the Deposit Account by visiting: or ringing the team on 020 8502 8599. Visit to find out more about their work.


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Posted by Ruth Leigh

Ruth is a freelance writer and speaker, based in beautiful Suffolk. She is married with three children and a variety of other livestock. She has two novels in the editing stage, writes for a number of Christian charities and writes blogs for small Suffolk businesses. She is a recovering over-achiever who is now able to do the school run in her onesie most days. She contributes to the Association of Christian Writers’ blog, More Than Writers, and also blogs at Big Words and Made Up Stories, covering topics as diverse as King Zog of Albania, a Christingle plagued by punch-ups and tummy upsets, and the inevitable decline of elderly parents. She has abnormally narrow sinuses and a morbid fear of raw tomatoes, but has decided not to let this get in the way of a meaningful life.


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