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40acts in ACTS: what to expect from the monthly challenge

By Catherine Durant | 26 April 2017

At the end of 40acts we’re often flooded with messages saying "I wish it happened all year round!" so this year we’re taking up the challenge with a plan to keep the generosity going for the rest of 2017.

The beauty of 40acts during Lent is that each act should be simple enough to complete within a day. But what if we wanted to take a deeper look at our generosity?

Enter, our monthly 40acts challenges.

What you need to know about the monthly challenge:

  1. We will be focusing on one generous challenge per month for the rest of 2017: an act that may take more time, contemplation or effort.


  1. There are no guidelines on time to complete the acts so it will be different in style to the Lent challenge, but no less stretching. This is something for those who want to keep considering their giving and ways in which they can be more generous throughout the year.


  1. Each month we will be looking at a Bible passage from the book of Acts and learning from the generosity of the early church.


  1. The blog and challenge will be featured in Generous, our monthly email on Christian giving and generous living, along with other news and reflections on giving.


  1. The popular traffic light options that range from the more simple green acts, to the more in-depth red acts, will still feature.

We hope that by looking at God’s Word, and the way the Holy Spirit worked through the lives of the first Christians, we can grow to be more like Jesus in our generosity throughout this year.

Look out for May’s mid-month edition of Generous to begin 40acts in ACTS…

The monthly blogs and challenges will be released in Generous and run from May to December 2017 – sign up for Generous here or check back on the blog.

Catherine works in Content (which means mainly writing and editing) for Stewardship. She is happiest when making new friends or catching up with old ones, loves art in all its forms and anything French, especially cheese.


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