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The Cost of Following Jesus: a Former-Muslim's Story

By Craig Borlase | 16 June 2016 | Comments (4)

 the cost of following jesus

When you’re a direct descendent of Mohammed, life in Pakistan is full of privilege. Ali Husnain grew up with servants holding his bags and strangers kissing his feet. Life was about as comfortable as it could possibly be.


Yet once Ali met Jesus while on a summer trip to England, nothing was ever  quite the same again.


It started with a vision. Then came a dream. Through both supernatural encounters Ali was introduced to a God who answered all of his deepest questions about Islam.


Returning home to Pakistan, aged 16, Ali started talking to his friends about his new found faith in Jesus. The news was not well received and he soon found himself on a terrorist hit list. But when Ali was stabbed and left for dead, Jesus appeared once more.


“My son,” Jesus said to him, “your life is in danger because of me. You will not die now. I will give you more life.”


The words—along with the instantaneous healing—filled Ali with the courage to hold on to his faith. Even as he was chased from his home and forced to go on the run, Ali refused to recant. When his aunt was killed as an act of revenge, and a fatwa was issued—declaring that any person could kill Ali without fear of punishment—Ali continued to place his trust in God.


Eventually, Ali fled his homeland and flew to England where he pleaded for the right to remain. It took five years, numerous court appeals and a period in hiding after the terrorist group tracked him down in Oxford, but eventually Ali was granted asylum.


His successful claim did not signal the end of his troubles. Disowned by his family, fearful of the British Pakistani community, devoid of his status as an influential Muslim, Ali struggled to come to terms with all that he had lost.


Ali found out that there is no fairytale ending to the story of Muslims becoming Christians. He discovered that there is always a cost.


But the years of waiting and trusting God alone taught him something; that the cost of following Jesus is always worth it.


So when it came time to choose a title for the book which shares the story of his conversion to Christianity, Ali knew there was only one choice: The Cost. 


Through his book Ali hopes to do more than inspire and encourage others like him. In 2018 Ali is planning to return to Pakistan to open a medical facility in his home town to offer treatment to those who cannot afford it. He hopes that the book will help finance the work.


Ali knows that he will be in danger for turning his back on Islam, and the fatwa makes it clear that anyone can kill Ali without fear of punishment. But the lessons of the last decade have sunk deep within him. He knows full well that when there appears to be no cost at all to following Jesus, we need to look again at the direction our lives are heading.


He knows that Christians are called to show love to everyone, even those who disagree with us or others who would rather see us dead. And he knows that in order to show those who tried to kill him that Christians are not to be feared, he must be prepared to sacrifice his own life in the process.


For Ali, to live so generously and courageously is only possible because of the love of Jesus.


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Campbell Ritchie

July 2, 2016 7:33 AM
Please post more details about the book so readers can easily buy a copy.

John and Rachel Bennett

July 5, 2016 10:10 AM
What an amazing story and typical of others we have heard of especially in the last few years, We would certainly like to read the book when it is published so would much appreciate details when they are available. Many thanks John and Rachel Bennett, Godalming, Surrey.

Annette Rankin

July 11, 2016 11:19 PM
I too would like to purchase this mans book if it is available. Thank you

John Hudson

July 13, 2016 10:49 AM
I totally concur with the two comments above. This story should have the widest possible circulation, both to encourage and to warn.

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