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After 40acts: what's next?

By Daniel Jones | 26 March 2016 | Comments (3)

After 40acts, what's next?

40acts may be coming to a close for another year, but don’t panic!  We’ve got plenty of other great stuff here at Stewardship to help you turn your Lent habits into a lifetime of abundant generosity. 

Here are a few things we’d recommend to help you get started:


1. Open a Stewardship giving account – the perfect way to take your financial giving to the next level.

Think of it like your own mini charity.  Add your existing regular and one-off gifts to the account and add additional amounts for emergencies.  Being able to track the total of your giving in one place makes it easy to review and challenge yourself to increase your giving overtime.

Most people start by adding gifts to their church, Christian ministries and other UK registered charities, as well as adding friends in full-time Christian ministry too.

Find out more and open an account here >>>


2. Don’t miss out on news of 40acts 2017 and other generosity resources from us

Sign up for Generous, our monthly email which showcases the best in Christian giving and generous living.  Join 27,000 other subscribers to keep up to date with all things giving, new and emerging ministries to support, as well as interviews with inspiring Christian givers from around the world.

Sign up for our generous emails here >>>


3. Start a generosity group, or study giving as part of a small group

Our home group study course, Seasons of Giving, is the perfect way to build community while wrestling with the big questions around giving.  Who should I give to?  How much should I give? Can I give more than money and time?

Download a free sample chapter here >>>


4. What’s your giving personality? Take our GenerousID personality test and find out!

This short, quick fire quiz will reveal your giving preferences across key areas of distinctiveness, allowing you to see where your strengths lie, and focus in on areas you’d like to work on.  A brief series of emails then allow you to unpack each of the strengths in turn and be inspired by testimonies of others who demonstrate those characteristics.

Click here to take the GenerousID test >>>

Posted by Daniel Jones

Daniel is Stewardship’s Chief Generosity Officer and is passionate about finding new and innovative ways to encourage and inspire Christians in their giving, and helping those who receive to do so with excellence. Daniel advises denominations on stewardship and giving, and is a serial trustee of small community organisations. Follow Daniel on Twitter: @dmjonesoir


Luci Isaacson

March 26, 2016 7:09 AM
I don't want this to stop! I realise it must and how lucky we have been to realise why.

Jen Robinson

March 26, 2016 7:57 AM
I am coming to end of my Spcial Work degree course, I am praying to see where and how I can best use this. I know whatever I do I will be required to be the main bread winner of the house, with seven kids, so am needed to get a job.
But am praying as to what job the Lord will bring me, as I want to make a difference. The majority of people who enter this profession want to make a difference, but I have big dreams and I am sure that the Lord will honour some of those if it is right. I am hoping to use my career to make the 40 Acts into my life's work. Please pray the Lord guides me and reveals to me what that is and where, especially as I am now looking for work for the summer or September.
We can all incorporate the 40 Acts into our daily routines, whether in some small way or a bigger way. The Lord can open doors we never thought possible or could possibly dream of. All we need to do is pray each day for the Lord to show us and guide us, to open the doors and then believe and allow it to happen.
Thank you so much for the 40 Acts, I will miss seeing them.

linda loves the holy spirit

March 26, 2016 2:23 PM
The Steubenville conference is in Atlanta this year. I donated one fee for a teen to attend the conference to our teen program at church.
The young need help in learning about gathering and listening to topics on their faith. Hopefully it will assist a young teen that would not have been able to benefit this amazing experience.

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