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Setting the bar too low?

By Fiona Mearns | 20 October 2015 | Comments (1)

Are you setting the bar too low? - a Stewardship blog 

There’s a little-known and yet vital part of setting up a recipient account with Stewardship.  It’s not a secret and yet sometimes it would appear that it might as well be. Time and again we’re surprised at how few Christian Workers are aware of it and how it can help them.


We call it a CAP – the upper limit we believe should be paid by Stewardship in annual support to a recipient.  Doesn’t sound very exciting, does it?  But that figure can be enormously helpful to you in practical terms.


Over the years, Stewardship has amassed a wealth of knowledge on what is needed for most full-time Christian Workers to be kept ‘in the field’ for their Christian service. So, when we look at your particular situation, including what you anticipate spending on ministry expenses or your course fees, we also factor in the nature of the work being done, where it is being done, the number of dependents you may have, and other income you anticipate receiving.  We also understand how important it is to include an element for long-term financial saving as we believe it is right that individuals plan not only for the immediate need but also for the normal requirements of working life (for example sickness, taking time out to rest and recharge your batteries, saving for retirement, and so on).


We do this because we have a responsibility as a UK charity to determine the amounts that are in line with our objectives and UK charity law. But there’s another point to this that sometimes gets overlooked – for your ministry to flourish it needs to be adequately resourced and that means taking good care of yourself and your family’s current and future needs.  Set the bar too low and you’ll be short-changing yourself and others around you.


We appreciate that this is not an exact science, nor a one-size-fits-all approach.  We also appreciate that there needs to be room for trust in God’s provision.  However, it’s good stewardship to have a benchmark; something as a starting point to help you ask those questions about your support-raising and whether your view on what is ‘enough’ has sufficient basis in reality.


So, if you don’t already know it, how do you find out what your personal ‘CAP’ is?  Firstly, we’ll have told you the figure when we approved your application, and again any time we’ve updated your details.  If you’re struggling to find it why not ask for an update next time you’re in touch with us?


If you’d like help with understanding more about personal stewardship and long-term financial planning, as well as how to get the best out of your account and CAP, then why not come to one of our Finance for Ministry training days, free to you as a recipient?


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Posted by Fiona Mearns

Fiona Mearns is the Resourcing Christian Workers Coordinator at Stewardship and part of a team committed to helping individuals build and maintain strong, sustainable support networks.  She loves to write whenever there’s an opportunity and is a fan of a well-used apostrophe.


David Mason

December 18, 2015 6:46 PM
Hi Fiona - just come across this article which as been up for a while and want to ask is the language right here? You are talking about a CAP as the upper limit paid but the title of the article is Setting the bar too low. Am I miss understanding something here?

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