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What our clients say about us: Steve Campbell, C3 Cambridge Community Church

By Bethan Walker | 6 October 2014

Client testimonial"Following God’s call to come to Cambridge over twenty years ago, our journey began by bringing three congregations together.

Five years later we were seeing small but steady growth but it was not the growth or impact that we desired or expected. We began to explore clarifying our vision and prioritising mission. That was over ten years ago when we made the decision to get serious, in order to bring change.

At that point we knew that we needed a building to facilitate the coming growth, so we started saving and looking for a building. Eventually we identified a site which was a 1930/1960’s church building called St Stephen’s.

The site was fantastic but the buildings were really not suitable for purpose and would need to be demolished. At the time we had saved £1.5m and we bought the plot for £1.25m.

An initial budget of £2.5m for a building soon became £4m due to the city council requirements for a ‘gateway development’. We needed a way to raise extra finances knowing that costs could go up even further as they tend to do on building projects.

It was at this time we experienced a divine appointment at our point of need. Whilst attending a Leadership Network meeting we sat next to Michael O’Neill the CEO of Stewardship and the conversation turned to our need and Stewardship’s generosity and services.

They spent time assessing our plans, vision and capability of repayments.

It was a euphoric moment when the mortgage was offered and when we told the church they were elated.
It was amazing to have an organisation that considers and understands our vision, faith and journey.

Stewardship understands God’s economy and Kingdom dynamics and are not just a transactional organisation.

The building will be launched in October 2015 and will be fully utilised for our meetings. The auditorium will hold 450 people at a time but the centre also has many rooms for community use. We will provide a CAP centre, CAP job club, Foodbank distribution centre, elderly persons lunch club, ‘release’ addiction programme, leadership academy, youth activities and much more is planned in the future as we aim to connect and impact our community even more so from the new building.

Stewardship overall are a pleasure to deal with. Knowing that they are there to support and strengthen us on our journey makes a day to day difference in helping us fulfil our vision in a practical way."

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Posted by Bethan Walker

Bethan is a marketing and communications executive at Stewardship. Bethan has worked in marketing for seven years and now enjoys working in the not-for-profit sector having previously worked in Professional Services. 


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