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By Guest Author - Mark Powley | 20 September 2010

Are you interested in a simpler, more sustainable, more generous life? If so, the Conspiracy of Freedom is about making that happen.

Many of us may feel that our lives are little different to the dominant pattern of consumerism we see all around us. It is hard to make outrageously generous choices. The sustainable option is not always clear. Simplicity, we find out, has a habit of being surprisingly complicated!

This is where the conspiracy comes in. Based on the experience of the Breathe Network (a Christian network for simpler living), the Conspiracy of Freedom aims to get us talking with others about the changes we could make. Supported by Stewardship, Tearfund and A Rocha, we have produced four short videos which can spark off discussion and lifestyle change. Time and again, this kind of group discussion has been seen to make a real difference in areas where we are often swept along with the flow. Our hope now is that Christians around the country will watch and discuss these videos with friends.

Sam Stephens, co-founder of community sharing initiative Streetbank, describes one of the videos as “a powerful film that makes its point elegantly, lightly and joyfully”. Each video lasts 3-5 minutes and ends with questions to provoke discussion. They cover the topics of generosity, community, good childhood and sustainable living.

So how can you get involved? Check out the videos at or order a DVD from [email protected], and think about how you might discuss one or more of them with friends. Some churches are playing them in services. Friends are forwarding them through Facebook or by email. Small groups are discussing them, and considering how they can support each other in living differently. How you get involved is up to you, but the invitation is there to get the conversation rolling and join the conspiracy.  



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