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How can Stewardship help with Legacy Giving?

By Catherine Durant | 17 October 2014 | Comments (1)

Christian Legacy

If you’ve been considering the idea of leaving a legacy gift, Stewardship can help make it easy for you to remember charities in your will.

After deciding how much you would like to give, you can ask your solicitor to leave just one gift to Stewardship in your will, rather than separate gifts to different charities, simplifying the process.  Furthermore, in making a gift to Stewardship (a UK-registered charity) in your Will, your estate may benefit from a decrease in Inheritance tax. 

Once your Will has been written to include a gift to Stewardship, the next step is to write to us with your letter of wishes. This letter would list your requested recipients and, usually in percentage terms, how you wish for the total balance to be distributed among them. 

3 benefits of a Stewardship Legacy Account: 

You can choose to make changes to your letter of wishes at any time, without the cost of seeing a solicitor. 

Legal fees are kept to a minimum. All you have to do is ask your solicitor to add a gift to Stewardship in your Will and provide us with a letter of wishes.

Continue your regular giving:
Benefit charities by continuing your regular giving after your lifetime rather than leaving a single lump sum gift in your Will.

For more information, you can email us at [email protected], call us on 020 8502 8600 or visit the legacies page on our website.


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Steve owen

August 16, 2015 6:11 AM
Hi I am a Christian in the West Midlands and have been a regular contributor to Stewardship and also have charities like the Bible Society, Chistian Concern, Joseph Storehouse among others on my list. I spend most of my working life going to houses and doing wills, setting up trusts and making sure people inherit or dont lose all their hard earned estates to nursing home fees and disinherting everyone in the process. I do around 800 a year; very few in this secular world ever give to any charity let alone a Christian one. I don't know what your subscription bank is like but I think a major and significant amount of funds could be raised from not only correct direction of wills, made certain by trusts on death but also a significant contribution of will writing fees/consultation etc. on completion of advice done in the home. I see clients in approx an 80 mile radius and would gladly give a good percentage of that back on completion of the advice. It is only a thought I've had with a number of Christian charities to not only ensure funds get to them after death but also go to them each year by way of renumeration from the my
fees which I may add are a lot cheaper than going to a High Street Solicitor, not charged by the hour and explained in the comfort of their own home. Your comments please.God bless Steve Owen.

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