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how to put the fun back into February this half-term

By Debbie Wright | 14 February 2014

how to put the fun back into February this half-term

With yet more floods and storms set to batter our weather beaten nation, for many with school-aged children, the prospect of this February's half term can seem a  bit disheartening. Before you batten down the hatches and resort to DVDs and computer games, check out Stewardship's ideas on how to put the 'Fun back into February'.


This school holiday coincides with Random Acts of Kindness Week. So why not set a family challenge to do as many random acts of kindness as you can in one week?


  • First off, sit down as a family and discuss how you are going to organise your week. Create a family wall chart/planner, dividing up the days or come up with a number of acts of kindness you think you can realistically carry out.


  • You could write out lots of simple acts of kindness like: thanking someone, holding the door open, smiling, being the first to say hello or good morning. Put them in a hat and each day take some out to concentrate on.


  • Organise a baking day. You will need a combination of grown-ups, friends, ingredients, recipes and your own creativity. When you have finished making your cakes, give them out to friends, neighbours or go with some adults on to your high street and donate. Watch 40acts video - cupcakes and kindness - for some tips.


  • If baking isn't your thing, how about some outdoor activities? A litter pick in your street or local park, offer to wash your neighbours' cars, or walk someone's dog. If they offer money suggest a charity you would like to donate to.


  • Random acts of kindness are not just outside the home, think about what you can do for your family. Offer to do the least favourite job around the house (without complaining); tidy up (without being prompted) or just say something nice when someone else is being grumpy.


  • To be totally random, why not create some homemade cards, write notes to your family and friends, paying a compliment or saying a thank you. Now here's the fun bit: go and hide them in unexpected places, for instance on pillows, in the bathroom, stuck to the washing machine, inside a shoe. What creative places can you think of?


  • Plan an outing and take some different people with you. Look outside your usual group, perhaps someone you don't know well, or a neighbour, someone from a different generation, from church or your youth leader. It will certainly make a memorable outing.


  • Spring is just around the corner (no don't laugh) so have a family spring cleaning day. Clear out your bedrooms and collect up good quality toys and clothes you have grown out of. Don't just give them to the local charity shop, try and think of other places or people who would welcome them. Perhaps your church creche or some younger children who would love your party dress that no longer fits. Or organise a DVD/video or book swap, invite some friends around and get swapping.


  • If it is still lashing with wind and rain, huddle up and read some bible stories where the weather is centre stage. Here are some ideas to get you started: Noah and the Flood, Genesis 6 & 7; Jesus calms the storm, Mark 4: 35 - 41; Paul ship wrecked, Acts 27 Jonah and the Whale, Jonah 1; Joseph and the 7 years of plenty and the 7 years of famine, Genesis 41.  Psalms 96 and 97.


  • Hold a skill-swapping session or party. Even very young children will have something that they have learnt or can share. This can be anything from computer skills, crafts such as knitting, DIY, simple first aid, bike maintenance. Invite people from different generations and see now many new skills you can pick up.

Let us know how you get on and post photos on, tweet or comment below, we would LOVE to hear from you.

And don't forget Lent is coming soon on 5th March, so why not sign up for and be challenged to carry out more simple acts of generosity for each day of Lent?

You can sign up for 40acts as a family and receive free resources - a weekly child-friendly mini Bible study, a printable kid's wall chart to stick on the fridge and a great activity pack!


image by Tony Fischer Photography

Posted by Debbie Wright

Debbie Wright is Stewardship’s Head of Content and is passionate about generosity in all its guises. Besides occasional blogging and tweeting she creates resources and campaigns such as 40acts and Advent Wonder to inspire, engage and motivate the wider Christian community. Prior to joining, Debbie worked for A Rocha UK as editor of their national magazine and in a previous life worked as a TV producer/director for the BBC for 17 years.  Debbie is married to Graham; they have 4 daughters and a springer spaniel.  When not acting as taxi driver, she can be found on a salsa dance floor. Follow Debbie on Twitter @debwright99


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