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10 generous things to do this half-term with the kids

By Debbie Wright | 24 October 2013

Kids at half term

The clocks may be changing, leaves falling, temperatures dropping and cold days a-heading, but autumn half term is a great way to celebrate God’s wonderful world and to share his gifts. Here are 10 generous things to do this half-term with the kids.

1 First of all – get ready

Create a holiday planner calendar and allow each family member to choose one favourite activity. The key is that everyone has to take part and no grumbling! It could be watching a favourite movie, playing a board game, going for a cycle or an autumn walk.

2 While the sun is shining...or at least if it isn’t raining

Go on an autumn treasure hunt: collect leaves, seeds, conkers, pine cones, anything that you might be able to put to good use later.

3 Even if it is raining

Clear the leaves or rubbish in your garden or outside area and then offer to clear your neighbour's as well.

3 Plant some bulbs

Choose some spring bulbs: hyacinths, daffodils or tulips. Plant them either outdoors or indoors. Decorate the pots with paint or stickers. Why not make two and give one away?

4 Go on a penny hunt

Collect all the small change in your house; don’t forget down the side of the sofa, under the beds and the back of drawers. Add the money up and discuss as a family where you would like to give it away.

5 Read a harvest passage from the Bible

Talk about the seasons and why celebrating harvest was so important to the farmers in Jesus’ time. Talk about God’s harvest. Here are some helpful passages:

Matt 13: 1-23 The farmer scatters seeds

Matt 13: 31-32 A tiny seed and a big tree 

Luke 12: 16-21 The parable of the foolish farmer

Older children could write the story again from a different angle, from the point of view of one of the seeds for instance.Younger children could draw or paint a picture to describe the story.

6 Get crafty

Make some cards or an Autumn collage using the things you found on your walk. Send them to friends and relatives as a surprise.

7 Make pine cone bird feeders

Help our feathered friends during the colder months. Simply coat pine cones in peanut butter and then roll in seeds.You can hang these anywhere: from sticks, on branches or the garden hedge.

8 Cooking mayhem

Autumn is the time to make jams and chutneys from fruit collected at harvest time. Kids and grown-ups could make some together. Or try making toffee apples. Click here for a great recipe. Make some for an apple party and invite all your friends – see below.

9 Donate

Donate some food to the local food bank or soup kitchen or clear out your wardrobe and toy cupboard and again, donate to a local charity.

10 Hold an apple party

Apples are as much about Autumn as anything else. Did you know there are over 3,000 varieties grown in the UK alone. Can you name any?

>Play apple bobbing

Fill a tub with water and float apples in it. Have players hold their hands behind their backs and try pick up apples using only their mouths. Have towels handy.

>Play apple pass

Divide players into teams. Place an apple under the chin of one team member. When you say "Go!"   players must pass the apple from one player to the next using only their chins and necks. If an apple is dropped, teams have to start over.

->Apple on a string

Tie apples to long pieces of string and suspend them from the ceiling, a door top or a tree. Each player is assigned one apple and must try to take a bite out of it without using his hands to hold it steady.


So no need to be bored this half term: bake, cook, stick, send, invite, donate, plant, hunt, give and, most importantly, have fun!


What are your ideas for entertaining the kids this half term? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page here.




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 photo credit: Bealete. Used under Creative Commons Licence

Posted by Debbie Wright

Debbie Wright is Stewardship’s Head of Content and is passionate about generosity in all its guises. Besides occasional blogging and tweeting she creates resources and campaigns such as 40acts and Advent Wonder to inspire, engage and motivate the wider Christian community. Prior to joining, Debbie worked for A Rocha UK as editor of their national magazine and in a previous life worked as a TV producer/director for the BBC for 17 years.  Debbie is married to Graham; they have 4 daughters and a springer spaniel.  When not acting as taxi driver, she can be found on a salsa dance floor. Follow Debbie on Twitter @debwright99


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