9 steps to hosting a successful coffee morning to raise funds

By Jo Ratnarajah | 26 September 2013 | Comments (1)

9 steps to hosting a successful coffee morning to raise funds

Coffee mornings are part of our great British tradition and an easy way to raise funds and to motivate and educate your friends and family about your favourite charity.  Here are 9 steps to creating the perfect coffee event:


1. Choose your venue - If you are thinking big, you may need a church hall or community centre, otherwise your home is a perfect set up.


2. Invite everyone - We lead busy lives, but even if someone can’t make it, it’s great to be included. E-mail, text, card invitations or use all three to get the word out.


3. Fundraise - Be upfront and let people know that it is a fundraising event. This helps with expectations, so no hidden surprises and your guests will come prepared. Make sure you have a donation box or basket prominent and suggest an amount for attending. Alternatively, use Stewardship's free fundraising service give.net to collect donations electronically.


4. Involve others - Ask for help with hosting, baking, pouring coffee, answering the door and welcoming; much easier and more fun with a team.


5. Make it look beautiful -Cake stands, napkins, flowers, bunting, charity display table, whatever takes your fancy to create a great atmosphere.


6. Get baking - Cupcakes, tray bakes, fridge slices, homemade biscuits, the list is endless. Offer with coffee and auction/sell off any left over at the end, so have bags or boxes ready to package up.


7. Inform - Contact your charity of choice early and have leaflets and information ready.  Be knowledgeable, but not boring.


8. Get ahead - On the day, have everything ready well before the start, this way you will feel calm and be able to greet your guests.


9. Say thank you - Last, but not least, thank everyone: your guests for coming,  bakers, helpers, washer uppers, coffee pourers, door openers…


Macmillan Cancer Support holds the world’s biggest coffee morning each year - in 2016 it'll be 30th September. So far it has raised over £138m for Macmillan Cancer Support! 


Have a look at our top 10 tips for fundraising for a few more ideas to help you start your event, or why not set up a fundraising page.


Brian kenny

January 22, 2019 10:38 PM
Hi I'm setting up a coffee morning at my house just wondering have yee any tips and what clarity to use can I get a wellcome card.

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