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Are you a sending church?

By Fiona Mearns | 7 December 2012

Many churches are in the vital role of supporting and encouraging a mission worker, but what does this actually mean? 

In our new paper, Senders’ Guide, Mike Frith demonstrates that mission is a team game and covers the key areas necessary to maintain a strong and enduring partnership between sender and the one who is sent.

Mike is the Director of OSCAR, the UK Information Service for World Mission, and regularly runs workshops for churches to engage with their role as senders.  The next ‘open’ workshop will be at our offices in Loughton on Saturday 2 February.  For more information or to book, visit


Posted by Fiona Mearns

Fiona Mearns is the Resourcing Christian Workers Coordinator at Stewardship and part of a team committed to helping individuals build and maintain strong, sustainable support networks.  She loves to write whenever there’s an opportunity and is a fan of a well-used apostrophe.


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