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generosity to remember

By Alexandra Khan | 9 November 2012

Poppies by cwasteson

It’s Remembrance Day on Sunday. Does that mean anything to you?


If you’re not sure why it’s a national day of remembrance and gratitude; if you’ve had no personal experience of going to war or welcoming a loved one back from the front line; if you keep the news stories of bombs and military caskets at arms length – then perhaps this weekend is an opportunity to reflect. It’s easy to be apathetic towards anything that doesn’t directly affect us; I know this, because I’ve experienced it. My granddad was evacuated during the war, but I’ve never personally known anyone who has served their country. I feel disconnected. And that makes me feel uncomfortable. So for me, this Sunday will be a day not simply to go through the motions – to wear a poppy and stay quiet for a minute - but to imagine.


I will imagine my life without the freedoms I currently enjoy. I will imagine what it might have been like to have my dad or husband in the trenches. I will imagine what it must have been like – what it must still be like – to risk death for the sake of my country’s freedom. It takes a certain kind of generosity of spirit to be prepared to lay down one’s life for the sake of another.


 If, like me, you’ve not had the time or opportunity to buy a poppy yet, don’t fret. You can still make a donation to The Royal British Legion using your Stewardship account. Just use account number 20025123. You can also discover how your money gets spent here.


And if you’d like to take your generosity further, here is a list of other military support charities that you can give to with your Stewardship account:


Help for Heroes - 20097303

Soldiers' and Airmen's Scripture Readers Association (SASRA) – 20021707.

Military Ministries International – 20022095 (Helping promote Christian faith within the military.)

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund – 20123450

Royal Air Forces Association – 20126092

Army Benevolent Fund North West – 20093181

Army Benevolent Fund North East – 20104282


photo by cwasteson

Posted by Alexandra Khan

Alexandra is a digital marketing executive for Stewardship. Originally trained in music, she went on to spend a few years in the videogames industry before making the leap to the NFP sector. Follow her on Twitter: @alxkhn


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