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charity campaign of the month: HopeMob

By Alexandra Khan | 20 July 2012

HopeMob - where generous strangers unite

How do you motivate generation Y to be generous? Simple: you mix the social media savvy of Twitter with the basic kindness principles of Mother Teresa, and throw in a bit of gamification for fun. Well, at least, that’s what HopeMob are doing.  

About the charity

HopeMob is a US-based organisation with one mission: to get generous strangers to unite. HopeMob founder, Shaun King, says, “It’s about telling real stories of human need”. And what happens once those stories are told? People share them, get passionate about them, and ultimately give towards them.

About the campaign

Using the website, people can earn and award ‘Story Points’ to the stories that move them most. The stories with the most points eventually become ‘Featured’ on the front page of the website, and HopeMob will continue to promote that one cause until the goal is reached.

An example of the campaign in action? This week’s featured story is ‘Joseph’s Moped’. Joseph, who lives in Haiti, needs a moped to start his own business. The HopeMob founders also want to give him an extra boost by paying for a year’s worth of his children’s school tuition fees. It’s a drop in the ocean that will cost $2,500, but it’ll potentially change Joseph’s life and give him a kind of hope he only dreamt of before.

And that’s what HopeMob is all about. They know that many givers feel overwhelmed by the ‘bigger’ issues like famine, slavery and disaster, so they focus on the needs closer to home: the single mother who just wants to find a job, the child who needs medical care, the community which desperately needs a basketball court to help keep youth off the streets.

We love it because it makes giving personal; you know you are changing someone’s life, and you can see the faces of the community gathering around a cause. Definitely a website to bookmark and keep an eye on. You can also follow them on twitter: @hope.

If you think your charity campaign is worthy of a mention in next month's blog, or you've seen one that made you look twice, drop us a line at [email protected] or leave a comment below.

Posted by Alexandra Khan

Alexandra is a digital marketing executive for Stewardship. Originally trained in music, she went on to spend a few years in the videogames industry before making the leap to the NFP sector. Follow her on Twitter: @alxkhn


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