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COVID-19 and the annual accounts

By Stephen Mathews | 16 September 2020

It is not surprising that given its importance and widespread impact, COVID-19 will feature in church and charity accounts for the foreseeable future. Whilst it is important, we do believe that this issue should not dominate the accounts, and neither should it overshadow the positive work and impact that churches are having in their local communities, perhaps even as a result of the pandemic.


Account filing and serious incident reporting in light of COVID-19

By Stephen Mathews | 15 September 2020

The Charity Commission has issued a statement which says that during the coronavirus pandemic, it will be as flexible and pragmatic as possible in its approach to regulation. Whilst still asking charities to file accounts on time if at all possible, the Commission has said that where an imminent filing deadline can’t be met they can be contacted with a view to arranging an extension.


Breaking the Barrier of Fear

By Anon | 11 September 2020 | Comments (1)

I didn’t plan to be there. Some unseen force had propelled me forward. I took the old dinner plate, lifted it high above my head and brought it down with such speed and force, smashing it into thousands of pieces. A word erupted from within me with such velocity that it burned from my stomach, through my chest, throat and out of my mouth… ”FEAR!”


UK Church Called to Pray for COVID-19 Global Need This Sunday

By Stewardship | 7 September 2020

UK Church leaders are being urged to show a two-minute video in church this Sunday (13th Sept), highlighting the impact of Covid-19 on the world’s poorest nations, and explaining why now is the time for the Church to be generous givers to those most vulnerable to the virus.


What I've Learnt About Giving Since Covid-19

By Rosanna Jeffery | 4 September 2020

Seasonal giving is the norm, whoever you are and however much you have to give. People are automatically moved to give more at Christmas, whether they know the person or not. Yet Covid-19 has taught me that generosity has to exist all year round – no exceptions.


Hope from Addiction: How Generosity Brought Ricky and Julie to Jesus

By Ruth Leigh | 28 August 2020

“People avoided me and things were difficult with my family because of my drug taking. Donald and June treated me like a normal person, and their willingness to sit down with me and get me whatever I needed showed me what transformational generosity looked like.”


UK Church Challenged To Unite and Give Generously to Alleviate Global Impact of COVID-19

By Stewardship | 27 August 2020

Fresh from our success of raising and distributing nearly £5 million in just 100 days to Christian charities and churches serving people most affected by Covid-19 in the UK, we are now launching a Global Rapid Response Campaign.


Global Rapid Response: The Causes Behind the Campaign

By Rosanna Jeffery | 21 August 2020

The Global Rapid Response Campaign (GRRC) is an international response to Stewardship’s recent Rapid Response Fund, which raised and distributed almost £5 million to 88 UK churches and charities within 100 days of lockdown. Lockdown may be easing here in the UK, but the rest of the globe is still feeling the pain of the pandemic.


How the Church Can Invoke Change Once the Headlines Move On

By Ife Fanibi | 12 August 2020

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, cries for racism, inequality and abuse of power in our societies to be acknowledged and combatted continue to ring out around the globe. The gut-wrenching image of George Floyd’s lifeless body pinned to the ground has been etched into many of our minds, and sadly, it joins a collection of disturbing images featuring violence against black people.


Care for the Family: Supporting those Grieving During the Pandemic

By Gill Nichol | 31 July 2020

In mid-July, around two weeks after lockdown was first eased, my elderly, much loved uncle was admitted to hospital as a day patient for a routine operation. He was expected home at 2pm. But at 2pm he was still in theatre, with surgeons dealing with a serious and unexpected turn of events. My uncle was rushed to ICU. The prognosis was bleak – we were told ‘to hope for the best but prepare for the worst’.