The role of policies in church life

By Alan Hough | 24 September 2019


We are not a business; we are a church! Don’t policies just sit on a shelf or stifle God’s work?! These are some of the comments that we come across when talking about policies and church governance. 


A question of pensions

By Jackie Fletcher | 23 September 2019


The most common theme of all the questions that we receive from our payroll clients here at Stewardship is that of workplace pension requirements. This area continues to be a major headache for employers as they seek to remain compliant and avoid penalties and costly errors.


The refugee family who gave away everything

By Craig Borlase | 19 September 2019 | Comments (2)



As articles go, it was never going to be the most popular piece on the New York Times site that day. 

But the tale of a primary school kid’s victory at a chess tournament had something special about it.


A Knit in Shining Armour

By Ruth Leigh | 16 September 2019

Support comes in many forms. Armed with a basket of rainbow-coloured wool and apparently bionic knitting needles, this is the story of a retired granny in West Yorkshire who’s touching the lives of young girls and their babies thousands of miles away in Kenya.


FAQ: How to Give Without Guilt (part 2): Give to everyone who asks of you?

By David Flowers | 14 August 2019

In Giving Without Guilt #1, I suggested 4 practical steps for working out how to choose where to give so that you can say ‘no’ without guilt – knowing you have already said ‘yes’ to your God-given giving priorities.

But doesn’t Jesus tell us to, 'Give to everyone who asks of you'? (Luke 6:30) I have heard of folk who operate on the principle of giving to anyone who asks - for anything.


Would you sacrifice your retirement to give more?

By Ruth Leigh | 12 August 2019

For most of us, Dolly Parton had it right with her classic song about being a slave to the alarm clock, Nine to Five. As the songstress says: “Working nine to five, what a way to earn a living, barely getting by, it’s all taking and no giving.” By the time most people hit retirement age, they’re more than ready to give up the early mornings, rushed breakfasts and commutes to work in favour of a quieter life, pruning the roses, ambling round garden centres and looking after grandchildren.


Introducing the new-look Stewardship Individual Account

By Bethan Walker | 8 August 2019


Stewardship's recipient account for individuals has a brand new look! It's been completely redesigned to provide recipients with a much smarter way to view and manage their financial support online. Be one of the first to update to the new-look Stewardship Individual Account today.


Christian Workers: Getting Your Message Across

By Ruth Leigh | 29 July 2019


News.  In a letter.  Doesn’t sound that terrifying does it? Yet for many Christian Workers the thought of putting fingers to keyboard brings them out in a cold sweat.  But help is at hand. 


Update your Stewardship account

By Bethan Walker | 22 July 2019


If you're on the old online version of the Stewardship Giving Account or Stewardship Individual Account, you won't be getting the most out of your account. By updating to the new-look Stewardship account you'll get:

  • Compatibility across all mobile devices.
  • Fast and easy sign in process, with social login option.
  • Review and manage your account in just a few taps.

Follow these simple steps to update your Stewardship account today.


There is Enough

By Abby King | 15 July 2019 | Comments (2)

As I write this, we are full into the swing of British summertime, that heady mixture of glorious sunshine and torrential downpours. Abundance is everywhere. Flowers are in bloom, birds are in song and lush, vibrant greenery forms the backdrop to our days.