The Morgan's Crazy Canoe Marathon

By Debbie Wright | 29 April 2019


‘Welcome to the Morgans’ latest slightly crazy project! We’re going to be paddling 127 miles over six days in May in a fundraising canoe marathon down the Thames from Witney to Westminster.’


Publius, Unusual Kindness, and Trivial Pursuit

By Barrie Thompson | 28 April 2019 | Comments (6)

So, be honest: if I’d asked you yesterday to name as many biblical characters as you could beginning with the letter ‘P’, would Publius have been in your list? He certainly wouldn’t have been in mine. Let’s face it, Publius is an answer that would win you the main prize on Pointless, and probably ensure you won £1million on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!



Share Magazine - Spring 2019 Extras

By Alexandra Khan | 24 April 2019


In the Spring Edition of Share magazine, we published Pastor Agu's '12 Things To Inspire Radical Generosity'. Watch the full video of the speech above, as well as an exclusive interview below. 


The new-look Stewardship Giving Account: Getting the right information for your tax return

By Bethan Walker | 15 April 2019

Thanks to participants of our Early Adopter Programme who provided feedback about the new transactions feature since it was added to the new-look Stewardship Giving Account. 

With the tax year having come to an end, we've received comments from participants asking how to filter information in their transactions list for their tax return. We've put together this simple how-to-guide to ensure you access the information you need. 


Post Soul Survivor - What happens next?

By Daniel Jones | 6 April 2019 | Comments (1)

With no Soul Survivor events happening from 2020 onwards, others are beginning to share their plans. Check back for updates, but here’s what we know so far…


Support-Raising: The Basics

By Fiona Mearns | 3 April 2019

Remember Ladybird books?  You’d need to be of a certain age to have bought them first time round although they’re experiencing a resurgence of late for a more ‘mature’ market.  One of their series —‘how it works’ — tackled everything from the Hovercraft to Vinyl Records and their purpose was to help their readers get to grips with the essentials. 


On Living Greatly

By Mark Greene | 26 March 2019 | Comments (1)

(This article first appeared in the March 22nd 2019 email from LICC’s Connecting with Culture series. Author Mark Greene has kindly allowed us to share it.)

Life is not a highlights reel. And nor are the great novels.

Inevitably, of course, screen and stage versions of big books like Victor Hugo’s much-adapted Les Misérables tend to focus on events that drive the narrative forward, moments of deep ethical challenge, intense emotion, and high personal jeopardy. But Hugo’s ambition for his tale of the gospel-fuelled transformation of Jean Valjean from disdained felon to selfless citizen went far beyond showing the triumph of godliness under extreme pressure. Rather, Hugo, whose faith position is disputed, is interested in portraying the possibility of radical consistent godliness worked out in everyday life.


The Science of Generous Living

By Debbie Wright | 26 March 2019


We are halfway through 40acts 2019 and, along with many faithful followers, every year our generosity campaign attracts thousands of new activists who get caught up in this wave of giving and altruism.

We know because our inbox and social media channels are brimming with stories of generosity and giving that touch our hearts and souls. We read them aloud, share over coffee and pore over pictures of people carrying out heart-warming acts for their neighbour, friend, boss or stranger.


Cyclone Idai Appeal - how you can help...

By Daniel Jones | 22 March 2019 | Comments (1)

16 March 2019.I the village of Inhamizua the secondary school was used as an emergency shelter for local residents. Approximately 300 people had sought shelter in the school, but several of the school buildings were damaged during the Cyclone Idai as it made landfall along the Central Coast of Mozambique, generating winds of over 200kph and torrential rain. The storm victims recounted stories of losing everything and not knowing what was next.  (General imagery of school, flooded land and woman standing holding child).

Cyclone Idai has swept through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, leaving behind a trail of destruction, killing hundreds of people and affecting an estimated 2.6 million people.

Houses, roads and bridges have been ripped apart and agricultural land is completely submerged. More than 1000 people are confirmed dead and 400,000 have lost their homes.


The 'Triple A Series' #6: Developing financial administration - some key ingredients

By Alan Hough | 19 March 2019


The issue


In our churches administration can be like housework – only thought about when it is not done.


To St Paul it was much more than that. It was:


  • a ‘gift’ alongside those of apostles and prophets (1 Corinthians 12);
  • an action which honours the Lord (2 Corinthians 8);
  • respect for authorities (Romans 13).