What are you saving for? - 40acts in ACTS

By Catherine Durant | 18 October 2017 | Comments (3)

Until fairly recently, I’d never deeply considered the concept of long-term saving. The idea of having money sitting in a bank not being used seems strange to me...


Time: our most precious commodity

By Debbie Wright | 16 October 2017 | Comments (2)

After about an hour I was ready to wind up the conversation and our time together and made a slight move to go – when I realized that my friend, who is going through a very bad patch, was in no way finished.  Two and half-hours later we eventually said our goodbyes.  When our first hour had passed I had an epiphany. 


Christian workers: why is accountability so important?

By Fiona Mearns | 18 September 2017

Christian workers/Missionaries and accountability groups: the benefits - a blog by Stewardship


We’ve all come across the word but what does it mean in practice and why is it so important?


Gifts to members: church as charity and as family, simple?

By Alan Hough | 30 August 2017 | Comments (4)

Gifts to members - a blog from Stewardship

We believe that church is a family and families often give to each other. However, most churches in the UK are also charities and as such are governed by Charity Law. Now for much of what we do as churches these two concepts overlap each other. Church operating as a family meets the legal requirements of church operating as a charity, but…


Four things all churches need to know about pension re-enrolment

By Mark Partridge | 30 August 2017

Four things all churches need to know about pension re-enrolment - a blog from Stewardship

Most churches will now have completed and dealt with auto enrolment. This means that every employer will be providing a pension scheme to all their eligible employees from March 2018 at the latest.

But don’t forget: if you are responsible for auto enrolment then you will also be responsible for re-enrolment.


Persons with significant control: What is it? Who are they? What do we need to do?

By Alan Hough | 30 August 2017


Persons with significant control - a blog from StewardshipMost of us can probably think of people in our churches that have a significant influence on how they operate: pastors, elders, trustees and even some prominent congregational members. However, are you aware that for charities that are companies (that does not include Charitable Incorporated Organisations  (CIO)), there is a Companies Act legal concept of persons with significant control (PSC) and a legal requirement to maintain a register of all PSCs?


Uncomfortable hospitality - 40acts in ACTS

By Catherine Durant | 15 August 2017 | Comments (3)

40acts in Acts August challenge - a blog from Stewardship

The best hospitality I ever received was not comfortable.  In fact it was extremely uncomfortable.


Three Steps to Raising a Generous Child

By Kato Nkhoma | 13 August 2017 | Comments (5)

...If Not Now, When?

I always found comfort in telling myself that I will teach my children the value of giving when they grow older. But that conversation changed my entire philosophy.

Children don’t learn through what we tell them, they learn through observation...


The 40acts community discover entreprenurial generosity

By Jessie Herbert | 31 July 2017 | Comments (1)

40 acts - a blog form stewardship

On 13th July, some of the 40acts community gathered in a rustic coffee shop in the heart of London to hear stories of entrepreneurial generosity. Ed Vickers, the founder of Jollies was sharing his story alongside Menekse Stewart, the pioneer of Cheerfully Given.