Mission: the push and the pull back

By Fiona Mearns | 29 March 2018 | Comments (1)

What was it that motivated you to go into mission in the first place?  How would you describe the ‘pull’?  Was it a lightbulb moment or perhaps a slowly growing sense of calling? 

During the many training days we’ve run over the last decade we’ve pretty much heard it all and could probably distil it down into this ‘Top 10’


Safe and Sound: Stewardship's Deposit Account

By Ruth Leigh | 23 March 2018


Stewardship’s Deposit Account is a gift to churches and Christian charities, with no setup charges, monthly interest and plenty of flexibility.


CEO Michael O'Neill to Depart from Stewardship to National Christian Foundation in the US

By Daniel Jones | 22 March 2018

After 9 years at Stewardship, the last 7 leading the charity, Michael O’Neill has decided to leave his role as Chief Executive this summer to pursue a role that allows him to return his family to his native United States.


Should I give to Oxfam?

By Craig Borlase | 21 March 2018 | Comments (9)

7,094. That’s the number of direct debits that Oxfam reported cancelled in the wake of the Haiti scandal. Minnie Driver and Archbishop Desmond Tutu both removed their support from the charity, and for days on end politicians and the media lined up to air their public criticism.


40acts 2018: the story so far

By Kezia Owusu-Yianoma | 16 March 2018

We’re over halfway through the 40acts 2018 challenge - woohoo! This year thousands of people have joined us from all across the world to do something different this Lent. Our theme is Faith in Deed, focusing on putting our money where our heart is and our faith into action.


The angry man, the chocolate and why Jesus’ way works

By Jo Swinney | 2 March 2018 | Comments (1)

A few years ago, I’d just collected Daughter Number Two from nursery and was about to put her in the car when a man stormed out of his house and began to shout at me. Here’s the thing: about an eighth of my front wheel was protruding across his driveway.


Three Measures of a Healthy Church - Introducing the 'Triple A'

By Stephen Mathews | 27 February 2018

At Stewardship, we want to see thriving and healthy churches all across the UK. We recognise our role is often seen as financial, and we take pride in that. However, we believe good financial stewardship is not simply about ticking boxes to please the regulators (although it’s important we do that), it’s also about transforming the culture of money within the church.


Churches are not exempt from GDPR!

By Stephen Mathews | 14 February 2018

What are you doing before May this year?


Paying staff effectively: making the Shift

By Ruth Leigh | 7 February 2018

Shift Nation UK - Caleb Meakins

“If anyone could do a better job than Stewardship’s Payroll Bureau team, I’d like to meet them!”

When Andy Simmons needed help as trustee of Shift Nation, a newly established charity, he went straight to Stewardship’s Payroll Bureau team. “I’ve been involved with Shift for several years.” Andy says. “The founder, Caleb Meakins, wanted to find a way to encourage his generation to go deeper. Often, our twenties are defined by partying and socialising. Caleb and his friends wanted to see an inspired shift in that culture.”