The Gift of You this Mothering Sunday

By Charlotte Jones | 24 March 2017

Mother's Day - a blog by Stewardship

Mother's Day, like Father's Day, Valentine's Day and birth announcements, always causes me to take a sharp intake of breath. These occasions have the unique ability to simultaneously bring joy and pain to so many.


40acts Halfway Point: Day-to-Day Generosity

By Fiona Mearns | 23 March 2017

40acts halfway point - a blog by Stewardship

It started on the first day of March – over 100,000 people lined up ready on the 40acts starting line. Armed with a pen and two pieces of paper, they scribbled down what might be holding them back from living a generous life on one sheet and on the other everything they had to give away—time, skills, resources. Then came the crunch: rip up the first list; pray over the second.


Generosity When Your Kids Are Awake

By Kathryn Kendall | 22 March 2017

Generosity When Your Kids Are Awake - a blog by Stewardship

Kathryn Kendall explores the subject of prioritising generosity in busy family life.


Share 35: extra content

By Kevin Russell | 1 March 2017

Legal and Financial Roundup - Share Issue 35 Extra Content

In this quarter's edition of Share Magazine, we referenced the following articles, blogs and briefing papers:


Going concern: what is it and how churches can look out for the warning signs

By Stephen Mathews | 22 February 2017

Going concern: what is it and how churches can look out for the warning signs - A blog from Stewardship

Thankfully, history tells us that the financial collapse of churches is rare and that for most trustees, most of the time, a going concern assessment is fairly straightforward. However, two recent changes; the introduction of FRS102 Charity SORP for accruals accounts combined with the Charity Commission’s new Directions to independent examiners, have raised the profile of going concern for all charities!


What makes for a good mortgage application?

By Kevin Russell | 22 February 2017

Making a successful mortgage application - A blog from Stewardship

Stewardship has over 25 years’ experience of mortgage lending to Christian churches and charities, our experience of the quality and clarity of applications is variable from exceptional to most lacking. In this blog, we explore four main themes that applicants should consider...


To pay or not to pay? VAT is the question!

By Kevin Russell | 22 February 2017

To pay or not to pay? VAT is the question! - A blog from Stewardship

At Stewardship, we are often asked questions like “Should our church register for VAT” or “Can our church reclaim VAT”. This blog focuses on one area that many churches needlessly pay VAT – when renting premises for church activities.


Church Planting with Stewardship launching at ForMission's Church Planting Forum 2017

By John Keskeys | 21 February 2017

An integral part of our mission and vision is to support church planting in the UK. We are passionate for the world to encounter Jesus through the generosity of His Church, and very keen to support and encourage pioneering and church planting with our services, content and expertise.


Have you paid enough tax to 'cover' your Gift Aid donations?

By Kevin Russell | 15 February 2017 | Comments (7)

Have you paid enough tax to 'cover' your Gift Aid donations - a blog from stewardship

HMRC are very keen to ensure that Gift Aid donors are paying enough tax. In recent times, they have come under pressure from the National Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee to take steps to reduce the amount of Gift Aid incorrectly claimed.


An Alternative to Valentine's Day...

By Joel Leakey | 13 February 2017

Valentine's day

If you're single, or uninterested in the commercial fuss, or find it a yearly struggle – what are you supposed to do with Valentine's Day beyond just ignoring it? Well, if you want to be someone who celebrates generosity as biblically and broadly as you can, I reckon you have a great opportunity on your hands to help lead the way in generosity beyond consumeristic cards and chocolates.