The unaffected joy of true community - 40acts in ACTS

By Catherine Durant | 16 June 2017

Unaffected Joy - a blog from Stewardship

At the start of this week I knew I wanted to write about radical communities. What I didn’t know was that we’d have witnessed yet another devastating event with another community coming together through hope and generosity in the midst of horror and despair.


Boiled Sweets: one small offering with a big impact

By Nell Goddard | 15 June 2017 | Comments (3)

This is a story of how one evening spent counting the offering at church changed my perspective on giving forever. It’s a story of generosity at its most beautiful and most heartbreaking. It’s a story to remind you to look for the unexpected in the ordinary and never to be afraid to have your whole worldview altered by one simple act, by someone you would never have associated with, were it not for the church.

This is a story about boiled sweets.


Grenfell Tower Relief Fund - how you can help

By Daniel Jones | 15 June 2017

Grenfell Tower Relief Fund

Following the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in Kensington, London, we have been working to identify organisations working locally that are providing urgent aid to those directly affected, and those with the resources and infrastructure to help in the long term.


Saving Christians in the Name of Islam

By Craig Borlase | 13 June 2017 | Comments (1)

Muslim man saves Christians - Stewardship blog

In the wake of three terror attacks in as many months, it is inevitable that we are asking some hard questions of our leaders. It is not just the politicians who must search for answers. As Christians living in an age of religion-motivated terror, have our attitudes towards Muslims changed? Are we tempted to back away from them, or do we feel compelled to engage?


Give to support victims of UK terror attacks, with new British Red Cross fund

By Alexandra Khan | 6 June 2017

Donate to UK Solidarity Fund with Stewardship

The British Red Cross has launched a new UK Solidarity Fund to help the victims of terror anywhere in the UK following Saturday’s attack in London.

Stewardship are pleased to be able to provide a quick and simple way for people to donate to the fund. Click here to make a gift now. 



What is an independent examination?

By Ruth Smith | 30 May 2017

What is an independant examination? - A blog from Stewardship

“We just have an independent examination because it’s a legal requirement.” That may be one approach to this annual exercise – but is it the best way to gain value from the process?  Let’s take a look at what an independent examination isn’t, then what it is, and see how you might get the most from it.


Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme: a change in the rules for donations received after 5 April 2017

By Alan Hough | 30 May 2017

Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme: a change in the rules for donations received from 6 April 2017 - a blog from Stewardship

The Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) has been with us since 6 April 2013 and although widely welcomed at that time, the amount claimed under the Scheme to date is far lower than was envisaged by the government when the Scheme was introduced. Partly to help address this lower take-up, and partly to address criticism that the eligibility criteria was restrictive; some of the rules of the Scheme have been amended for donations received after 5 April 2017. 


What you can and can't do with your charity's money

By Alan Hough | 30 May 2017

What you can and can't do with your charity's money - a blog from Stewardship 

What is it that makes charities different from businesses? Well there are a number of things; first and foremost, the purpose of a charity must fall within one of the 13 charitable purposes set out in legislation.  Second, the governance structure is normally different with unpaid volunteer trustees taking overall responsibility for the charity.  Then somewhere way down the list of differences comes fund accounting, a concept unique to charities.


Church finance - it's better as a team sport!

By Alan Hough | 30 May 2017

Church finance - it's better as a team sport - a blog from Stewardship

All churches have a treasurer, that person that gets on with looking after the finances. For many churches the treasurer is the person who looks after the finance, counts the offering, administers the payroll, pays the invoices and the expense claims, draws up the budget, handles Gift Aid and produces the annual accounts.  When explained like this, it is easy to see why there is a shortage of willing church treasurers!!


When it comes to giving, where do you draw the line? - 40acts in ACTS

By Catherine Durant | 17 May 2017 | Comments (4)

40acts in ACTS - a blog from Stewardship

Recently I was in a Bible study where the group was discussing homelessness.

One lady told how she was approached by a guy on the street for money, but asked what she could get him to drink instead.

She was slightly taken aback when he replied specifically, “A caramel macchiato.”