Church Planting with Stewardship launching at ForMission's Church Planting Forum 2017

By John Keskeys | 21 February 2017

An integral part of our mission and vision is to support church planting in the UK. We are passionate for the world to encounter Jesus through the generosity of His Church, and very keen to support and encourage pioneering and church planting with our services, content and expertise.


Have you paid enough tax to 'cover' your Gift Aid donations?

By Kevin Russell | 15 February 2017 | Comments (7)

Have you paid enough tax to 'cover' your Gift Aid donations - a blog from stewardship

HMRC are very keen to ensure that Gift Aid donors are paying enough tax. In recent times, they have come under pressure from the National Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee to take steps to reduce the amount of Gift Aid incorrectly claimed.


An Alternative to Valentine's Day...

By Joel Leakey | 13 February 2017

Valentine's day

If you're single, or uninterested in the commercial fuss, or find it a yearly struggle – what are you supposed to do with Valentine's Day beyond just ignoring it? Well, if you want to be someone who celebrates generosity as biblically and broadly as you can, I reckon you have a great opportunity on your hands to help lead the way in generosity beyond consumeristic cards and chocolates.


Gratitude is the Heart's Memory

By Steve Pierce | 11 February 2017

“Count your blessings!” my grandmother would advise as a way to contentment - and studies have since shown that she was right! Californian psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky invited students to write down five things for which they were grateful. Those who recorded gratitude each week showed a measurable rise in personal happiness.


DEC Emergency Appeal - Yemen

By Daniel Jones | 1 February 2017

DEC Yemen Crisis Appeal Banner

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal for Yemen raised over £13million within the first 10 days of launch before Christmas and the total continues to rise as more and more respond to the worsening crisis in war-torn Yemen.


Spare change or major investment?

By Fiona Mearns | 19 January 2017

spare change or major investment

How much of your working time do you spend on your support-raising? A couple of hours a month? Maybe a day a month? Actually, triple that and you might then be giving it enough time according to Myles Wilson of Funding the Family Business.


The Widow's Mite: a Convenient Excuse or a Massive Challenge?

By David Saint | 10 January 2017 | Comments (3)

Widow's Mite


As a fundraising consultant, a lot of my work involves advising churches on raising money for major building projects, often costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds. Part of the process includes a challenge to church leadership teams and congregations to ‘step up’ to this particular plate, and to consider personal gifts far in excess of what they are used to.


The Secret of Contentment

By Debbie Wright | 10 January 2017 | Comments (3)

We all like shiny new starts, like a new school book, a new computer, a new outfit, a new job. And a New Year promises the same: a fresh start, a chance to be someone better.  Not a great start then for the Wright household who were dosed up to the nines shivering in front of the fire on New Year’s Eve, with a ‘survivors’ photo for those that made it to the end of the fireworks!


The Greater Change Comes From The Main and the Plain

By David Flowers | 10 January 2017

My wife Alison and I look at our giving at the turn of every year. But it’s not about a New Year resolution, it’s about a New Year review.


How to be Generous With Your Time

By Kay Carter | 20 December 2016 | Comments (1)

My nine-year-old daughter is doing a maths problem for school: “If the average person in the UK lives to be 81 years old, how many hours will they live? In your calculations, don’t forget that some years are leap years.”


Since you ask: 710,040. “I wonder how I will spend them all,” she mused, as though somebody had given her a huge windfall and now she got to choose what she would like to buy.