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Seasons of giving

Seasons of Giving is the brand new generosity resource from Stewardship, for small groups and churches.

"Generosity is at the heart of the Christian faith. It sparked Creation, fuelled Salvation and is intrinsic to any understanding of the Trinity.

Seasons of Giving is a great opportunity to be re-inspired by the value of generosity, from time and talents to money and possessions."

- Mike O'Neill, CEO Stewardship

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In these two four-week courses, your small group will explore generosity across four fields: time, talents, money and giving.


Using the connected themes of time and seasons, Seasons of Giving studies the rich variety of generosity in the Bible, drawing out key principles and wisdom for small groups to grapple with.


  • Perfect for small group discussion and deeper personal reflection
  • Lively and accessible style
  • Booklet includes: icebreakers, word-clouds, videos, individual exercises and reflections
  • Full leaders’ notes included

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Detailed introduction & contents

Sample chapter (1)

Sample chapter (2)



These resources are designed to be downloaded and used in conjunction with the course materials in the Seasons of Giving book.


GAME: generosity factor

GAME: generosity test

GAME: mix and match



VIDEO RESOURCES AND #mygenerositystory

We've rounded up some incredibly inspirational stories of generosity, as well as a video series on basic generosity principles by David Flowers. Use these as part of your Seasons of Giving course, and then join in with our #mygenerositystory experiment over on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


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