advent wonder

In the midst of the consumerist hum we invite you to stop and reflect on the Christmas season in a wholly different way, with Stewardship's free Advent Wonder email series. 


Which voices do you pay attention to at Christmas?

It's easy to let the simple, most poignant messages become drowned out by the din of everything else during the festive season.

But if you look closely at the Advent story, unexpected voices of generosity, hope, loss and love emerge. They challenge us to think differently - to hear these ancient stories with fresh ears.

In this - the final - Advent Wonder series from Stewardship, we explore voices of generosity and faith as they weave together to create the most familiar, but most thrilling, story on earth.

Each Thursday throughout December 2016 we'll send you a new thought to ponder and share. 

Create some space. Join us in a journey of Wonder. 


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