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mission and vision unpacked

we help people give

We provide a single, tax effective account to organise all of one’s charitable giving; from the first gift to the last; any amount at any age.


we have influence

We make approximately £45m in grants each year and offer a range of professional, legal and financial support services to churches, charities and individuals.

We have an important voice in the UK; advocating for causes important to our community and the church.


we encourage entrepreneurship

We support the next generation of ministries and Christian leaders through our full-time Christian worker programme and charity formation department.


we educate

We work with key leaders and thinkers to produce and promote content and materials that equips others to live, give and lead generously.


we connect

We are a catalyst, supporter and servant to those with a heart for promoting generosity.

Opening up to the power of generosity transforms the life of the giver. We’ve seen it happen in countless others, and it never fails to inspire.

Yet our view of transformation goes further than the giver. We work hard to support the recipients of our funds, offering training and support to raise standards across the board.

There’s one final layer to all this transformation; the sort that takes place in the lives of those who are on the receiving end of all this work. The ultimate beneficiaries – nurtured, cared for and helped by our recipients – tell their own stories of transformation from across the world.

There are plenty of examples of the value of good financial management and generosity. We particularly admire the character of Barnabas. As ‘the encourager’ (Acts 4:36), Barnabas demonstrated true generosity in his giving (Acts 4:37) as well as a talent for nurturing strategic networks of people (Acts 9:27, Acts 11:25-26). He was trusted with gifts and was utterly reliable in passing them on to the intended recipients (Acts 11:30). It’s not hard to see why we’re such a fan.