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unpacking our values


As an organisation that promotes and facilitates generous giving, it is very fitting that we should have generosity as a core value. The heart of God is generous – and we are to be imitators of Him.

  • We will be generous in our dealings with others.
  • We will be ready to share knowledge and information.
  • We will be open to collaborate and work with others.
  • We will be ready to point to and promote other organisations where we believe their services have value to our clients and customers.
  • We will be careful not to be harsh in our speaking of or dealings with competitors.
  • We will set terms and conditions of employment responsibly and in the spirit of this value.
  • Each of us who works for Stewardship will be ready to give of our best and to give that bit extra when circumstances require it. We will appreciate and not take for granted the benefits that come from being part of this organisation.



  • We understand God to prioritise relationship above all else. We want to behave in a way that values relationships highly. Our aim is to develop long term, mutual value relationships with colleagues, clients, suppliers, strategic partners, and any others that we may serve.
  • We see ourselves fitting into a larger whole. We seek to understand where we fit relationally into the Kingdom of God – what is our part in His bigger picture, and who does He want us to relate to and work with?
  • We commit to do all we can to maintain good relationships with our clients. Where there has been breakdown in communication or service, or for some other reason our client is dissatisfied, we will take responsibility to restore the relationship.
  • With colleagues we commit to demonstrate care, respect, faithfulness, and to stimulate and support them in their work and development. Real relationship also contains the willingness to challenge and confront where necessary in the context of a supportive environment. We will not engage in or tolerate gossip or grumbling: any issues have to be resolved through open and clear communication with the relevant people.
  • We also believe it is both possible and good to experience enjoyment and times of fun in our work and with our colleagues. We want to work diligently and with serious intent, but not so that we take ourselves too seriously.



  • We will be straightforward and honest with all those we interact with: colleagues, trustees, clients, suppliers, partners, all who deal with us.
  • Our aim is that what we present or say will always be matched by what we are or do. We will avoid promises we cannot keep, and will be quick to keep and fulfil promises we make.
  • In our promotional communications we will seek to combine a positive presentation of the value we can provide with care to be accurate and not create wrong expectations in our clients. We recognise that our actions and actual service are what most powerfully speak our worth.
  • We expect colleagues to be open, honest and straightforward with each other.
  • We commit to accuracy in all information and knowledge we supply.


Everything we do, we want to do well. If this is the work of the Kingdom, it must be done excellently. We commit and expect our colleagues to be committed to quality work. This quality will be expressed in the tangibles – like accuracy, timeliness, effectiveness. But also in the intangibles – like the level of care we demonstrate to our clients, and genuine interest we take in them and their work.

  • We recognise that we cannot stand still. We seek constantly to improve.
  • We will resist the temptation to think we have arrived - there will always be better ways to serve our clients and fulfil our purposes.
  • We will seek the views of and listen to our clients. Their feedback will help to shape changes that we make to improve our service to them.
  • As and when we make mistakes, we will take responsibility, learn from them and thereby improve. There should be no shame or blame in making a mistake – but failing to put it right and learn from it is not an acceptable option.
  • We will develop new processes and systems to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the service we provide. We will be prepared to embrace the demands and challenges these changes bring. At the same time, we will take care to make only those changes that we believe will bring real benefits, and will not automatically move to the latest new thing.
  • We expect ourselves and each of our colleagues to take personal responsibility for our own personal development. Our corporate progress depends on the development of each individual.