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Samuel Martin-Thomas
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Samuel Martin-Thomas

Accounts Examination Services Administrator

Samuel joined the Accounts Examination team in 2019 after returning from ten years in Australia where he worked for a Christian camping organisation, leading sports activities. From the outdoors to the indoors, Samuel has honed his administrative skills and an eye for detail. He loves a tidy database and getting through a cumbersome task list to support and free up his colleagues. These roles are very different but Samuel can see that both serve God’s people in different ways and have a lasting eternal impact.

A keen (ex)sportsman, Samuel used to play a lot of sport, namely football, but now only has the capacity to watch it, apart from an occasional game of squash in his lunch break with work colleagues.

Samuel helps out with children’s church in SE London and is passionate about sharing Jesus with the next generation. He also supports causes that care about children with special needs. He believes the local church plays an important role, reaching out into communities and responding to their needs.