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Rebekah Owens
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Rebekah Owens

Professional Services Administrator

Rebekah uses her administrative skills in the Professional Services teams with the aim of equipping, strengthening and supporting UK churches and Christian charities with their finance and governance, so that leaders are released to focus on their mission and ministries. Rebekah joined Stewardship in 2018 as an Accounts Examination and Consultancy Helpline Administrator. In 2024, her role expanded to include responsibilities across the other Professional Services (Charity Formation; Payroll Bureau) as well as assisting with the provision of our online resources and training opportunities.

Rebekah lives in Chelmsford and is a member of a local Baptist church.  She has served as a Trustee for two churches, firstly as a Church Secretary for 3 years and then as a Church Treasurer for more than 10 years. This varied experience has given her valuable insights into the pressures and challenges that Trustees often face, as charity regulations change and become increasingly onerous.

Rebekah is married and has two grown up children and a grand-daughter. Previous professional roles include working in a busy primary school office and as a primary teaching assistant. She loves walking, birdwatching and generally spending time outdoors, being close to nature. When indoors, she enjoys listening to classical music.

Rebekah supports causes that campaign for justice for the poor and marginalised, in the UK and overseas. She has a heart for education, helping school aged children and resourcing and training their parents/guardians in rural parts of Africa.