we've moved!

Our new address is:

1 Lamb's Passage, London EC1Y 8AB


The story so far...

In the autumn of 1906, 11 men gathered around a table in the City of London to witness the birth of a Christian organisation which, after many years and mergers later, eventually would be called Stewardship.

Fast forward 108 years and, after long and prayerful consideration, we have relocated to within a stone's throw of where our organisation began.

We believe that our move back to the city will:

  • provide us with additional room to grow
  • allow us to recruit the best Christian staff
  • provide a space to connect and train our ministry partners
  • provide an influential Christian voice into our financial industries
  • make it easier to be a strong voice to government and our regulators

Why make the move?

A variety of reasons; we believe it will allow us to keep recruiting the best, Christian staff; give us additional room to grow; provide a space to connect with and train our ministry partners; and make it easier to be a strong voice to government and our regulators for both Christian givers and charities alike.

We’ve thought, prayed and talked long and hard about the move over the last four years, and we believe without hesitation that this is the right step to take.

Why London? Why not move somewhere cheaper?

As well as the practical benefits above we also believe we've been called to the city, where faith, commerce, culture and government converge. We want to be a positive Christian influence on our new neighbours in the financial district and in Whitehall, and we want to be able to support a vibrant and growing church-planting community in the city.

With so many Christian ministries having left London, we also want to make working spaces available to them in our new office, when they need to be in the city.

Is hiring good staff really that hard?

A number of Christian organisations are struggling to find qualified staff and we are no different. We have an occupational requirement that every member of the Stewardship team has a living and breathing Christian faith but our desire to maintain it has meant leaving some roles vacant for up to 18 months until a suitable candidate can be found.

Our previous location in Loughton did not make this task any easier in recent years. Our new office has fantastic transport links and is allowing us to recruit excellent colleagues from a much wider area, who share our beliefs.

But is it going to be far more expensive to operate from central London than the outskirts?

No. The rent on 1 Lamb's Passage would have been too much for us to pay, however the landlord, to the amazement of our search agents, offered to sell us the 99-year leasehold on the day we visited. We believe that this is a great use of some of our historic, financial reserves as we have been able to buy the leasehold outright, meaning there has been no need for any loans or other finance. In an economic climate where investment returns are likely to remain flat, this represents a good investment opportunity.

Operationally, some of our costs will increase but others will decrease (for example, our staff travel costs from Loughton to central London).

Will you be putting up fees in order to pay for the move?

No. The move will not be a factor in our regular reviews of giving account fees and charges for our church and charity services. There are no plans to change our normal fees.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our relocation, please contact
Daniel Jones
on 020 8418 8899