Fundraising the right way...

It is important to us that, when fundraising, you have the guidance that you need in order to feel confident in our online fundraising and giving platforms and that, subsequently, so do those making gifts.

This guidance sets out the key things that you need to know about our platforms and some specific things to consider before setting up a fundraising page appeal page. For additional information, please see the Fundraising Regulator’s good practice guidance.


  1. Introduction
  2. Do you wish to fundraise for a particular cause on behalf of a registered church or charity?
  3. Who is organising the appeal?
  4. What targets have you set for your campaign?
  5. How can people donate?
  6. Will fees apply to donations?
  7. If need be, how can you make a complaint?


1. Introduction

Stewardship (known officially as Stewardship Services (UKET) Limited, registered charity number 234714 and registered company number 90305) is committed to following best practice and ensuring that those using our platforms do so too.

We know that we have a duty, through our online platforms and services, to provide a place where fundraisers have every confidence that the money they raise to support a church, charity or Christian worker, will reach their intended recipient in a correct and timely manner.

We also want to provide every confidence to anyone choosing to give using Stewardship, whether through our Donor Advised Funds, giving accounts or other fundraising platforms, that we and those using our platforms are committed to responsible fundraising in adhering to best practice and legal guidelines.


2. Am I able to raise funds for a non-charitable cause using Stewardship’s platforms?

No. Unlike other fundraising platforms, Stewardship is a charity and our services follow a 'donor advised fund' model.  This means that when someone makes a gift on one of our platforms they are making a charitable donation to Stewardship (as the receiving charity) with an accompanying request that we make a an onward charitable grant to the intended recipient.

As such, we have a responsibility to make sure that all payments are a proper use of our charitable funds.

This means that all recipients on our platforms have already completed an eligibility process with us, whereby we complete an application and review process to confirm that they can receive funds from us.  It also means that all gifts received by Stewardship can be made using Gift Aid, if the gift comes from an individual who has paid enough tax to qualify.


3. Do you wish to fundraise for a particular project on behalf of a church or charity?

If you are raising money for a registered recipient and you wish for the funds to be used in a specific way, for example, for renovation works, then you should let the organisation know ahead of time.  This will allow them to confirm that they are happy to receive the money for this purpose and that the project is in accordance with their charitable aims.

If this is agreed and you decide to proceed with a specified purpose for the funds, then you should be clear with those using your fundraising page as to how you intend to make sure that the money goes to that particular project.


4. Who is organising the appeal?

If you are planning to personally organise, attend, or participate in an event to raise money, for example a quiz night, marathon or charity trek, then you must make this clear with those who may be asked to give via your fundraising page. Make potential donors aware what the event is, who is organising it and when, especially if money will be taken out of the raised funds for accommodation, travel or paying third parties.


5. What targets have you set for your campaign?

On, Stewardship's fundraising platform, we allow you to set a financial target as well as set a deadline on the page. In the event that your campaign comes to an end and either you have not met your intended target or have raised more than the goal set, Stewardship will still allocate the funds to the chosen recipient and for the specified purpose. It is important that supporters are made aware of this.


6. How can people give?

There are multiple ways that someone can give on our platforms; credit/ debit/ Amex card (on some platforms), Direct Debit or from an existing balance held within a Stewardship giving account or Donor Advised Fund.

Gift Aid can be claimed easily by anyone making a gift to Stewardship in support of your chosen recipient.

They can simply tick a box to confirm their edibility for Gift Aid, this means that many of your donations received for your cause will be worth more than if you just collected cash.

If you are running any events to raise money for your campaign, for example quizzes, and are collecting cash at these events or receive other gifts outside Stewardship, then you can add this as a subtotal ("Amount raised offline") to display alongside amounts raised on your fundraising page.


7. Will fees apply to gifts?

We apply a small fee on every gift made through our platforms to cover the investments that we make as a charity in technology, security, compliance and more.

We are clear and transparent with anyone giving to Stewardship about these fees prior to confirming any gifts. We also recommend to all fundraisers that you also let people know how much of the money they donate will reach the intended recipient through your activities.

Please see here for a full breakdown on our fees. Also, you can read more about why and how we apply a fee.


8. If need be, how can you make a complaint?

We strive to provide a professional and quality service, however, if we fall short of the standards you expect, we would like to know. Please follow this link in order to get the details of those you would need to contact and for further information about our procedure.