supporting every step of the way

We can help you to be a better steward of your resources.  Our team of qualified professionals have been working closely with churches and charities for many years.

We are also right on top of the latest legislation, guidance and good practice so that we can share this with you. We understand, not just what you want, but why you want it.

We will stand behind you, helping to sort out the mechanics of supporting your ministry and releasing you to your God-given calling.

Just as generosity and transformation are linked, so too are the charges we make and the support we offer. For example, fees on mortgage accounts are recycled and put to work supporting the growth of other churches. That means that there’s a very good chance that the funds released to support your church or charity building programme will end up helping others do just the same.

help for individuals

Sometimes the prospect of raising essential funds can seem daunting, a distraction from the real work that needs to be done. We want to transform those fears. Our Support Service offers a dedicated account that comes with training, resources and plenty of advice for individuals needing to raise their own funds.

help for churches and charities

We can help with all aspects of administration – from start up, through times of rapid growth to help with Gift Aid. We can examine and advise on your accounts and support you in your expansion plans, through offering a payroll service and mortgages at competitive rates. And because we believe in the value of good stewardship, we won’t penalise you for paying off your mortgage early.

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