charity formation

Stewardship registers around 70 new charities every year. Our team have extensive experience and can provide specialist advice tailored to churches and Christian charities.

We keep it simple. One application form is all you need to complete and we will do the rest. Including smoothing the way through the Charity Commission and Companies House process, where required.

Our service is delivered in association with a specialist firm of solicitors; one of the market leaders for their work with churches and Christian charities.

What next?

In order to start the charity formation and registration process, please download and return the relevant application form from the box on the right.

Not sure which form you need? Email [email protected].

registering a charity with income under £5000

To register as a charity the Charity Commission require that you show previous year's income of over £5000, or a bank statement showing a balance of £5000.  If you do not reach this requirement you cannot register with the Charity Commission but you can still register with HMRC for Gift Aid purposes.  If you would like us to assist you with this please download and complete this application form.

charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs)

There is considerable interest in the proposed form of charity, the CIO. A briefing paper providing some guidance to those that may wish to use this for their own church or charity is available here.

A simple guide to the pros and cons can be found here.

As of early March 2013, Stewardship will be helping churches and charities create CIO’s. If you would like us to help you register a CIO please complete one of our forms.

excepted charities

Churches that previously enjoyed the status of an ‘excepted charity’ are now required to register by law with the Charity Commission if their annual income is over £100,000 per annum.

Churches which do not fall within the Exception Order already have an obligation to register with the Commission if annual income exceeds £5,000. This includes all churches that are not within specific historic denominations.

We have produced a helpful short Briefing Paper explaining the registration requirements of all churches. This defines an ‘excepted’ church charity and explains the timetable that the Commission are working to for registration of affected churches.

You can view this by clicking here or via our briefing papers page.

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