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support raising for charities

Ideal for small and newer charities with limited personnel.

We remove the administrative burden of handling the donations of your supporters and the associated Gift Aid requirements.

We will increase your cash flow with frequent tax reclaims. We also look after the record keeping, ensuring compliance with HM Revenue and Customs.

Our customised application form will help streamline the giving process for your supporters.

And now you can use to create online donation and fundraising pages for your charity. Interested in finding out more about

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support raising for churches

Do you identify with any of the following?

  • Never enough time to get around to introducing a tax reclaim system
  • Struggling to keep up with the paperwork
  • Falling behind on making tax claims, or getting donors to sign the declarations
  • Change in personnel making it difficult to maintain the necessary expertise
  • Having to operate outside your area of gift - not only are you uncomfortable in the task, but you are hampered from concentrating on the things you are gifted and called to do

We provide the Gift Aid solution for the busy church treasurer.

  • We have an excellent combination of resources to partner with your church to improve this vital part of your financial administration.
  • We make weekly tax claims, so you receive reclaimed tax with minimal delay.
  • We provide statements and reports to give you a full record of transactions for accounting purposes.

Instead of struggling with all the administration why not outsource to experts?

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Would you like to know more about our account for churches and charities?

These application forms are only suitable for use by UK based churches and charities. If you represent a church or charity based outside the UK, please contact our office for an alternative application form.

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