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Stewardship giving account holders can use their Gift Aid account to request donations for any charitable purpose we have approved, including helping Bible college students through their college studies. The following paragraphs explain our Bible College programme, which is effective for students starting their courses in September 2012.

Stewardship is building a community of generosity, working with frontline ministries and generous givers to promote good stewardship, the responsible management of funds and help in the support-raising process.

We are committed to the resourcing, training and equipping people for Christian ministry. In order to support the work of God in this way we have established funds, within Stewardship, to support students at Bible Colleges throughout the UK.

We want to see students adequately resourced during their training for future Christian ministry. However, this is much more than the releasing of funds. As many students go on to become future leaders of churches and ministries, we want to encourage good stewardship and responsible management of funds, which they will take with them into their future ministry.

Students wishing to apply for support

To qualify for a Stewardship recipient account linked to one of our Bible College Funds, students, or prospective students, will need to complete an application form, which includes a financial assessment, from which we set limits on the maximum level of support we are able to provide from the relevant College Fund.

Recipient accounts are financed (up to the maximum level of support we have determined) from giving to Stewardship for these funds; either where there is a specific preference expressed for the support of that individual student or, more exceptionally, from gifts expressed for Stewardship to use where they are most needed.

For our part, we promote generous support and good practice with givers and recipients. We provide support, training, encouragement and practical tools that will not only provide support for the student, but will help produce good stewardship in their future ministry.

Givers wishing to support Bible College students

Each Bible College Fund is primarily financed by Stewardship’s givers (referred to as ‘Supporters’) who wish to support students at a named Bible College. Supporters request us to make funds available from their account to the particular Bible College, and may additionally express an interest in a named student studying at that College. Stewardship will consider supporting the student from the relevant College Fund, taking account of the financial needs determined during the student application process.

Students can be provided with forms which help them recruit Supporters to their particular Bible College Fund. You should however be aware that Supporters cannot ask us to consider supporting any student from a Bible College Fund where the Fund is solely funded by a relative of the student.

All this adds up to ...

a great partnership that transforms the lives of those who give, those who receive the funds and the ultimate beneficiaries of their ministries.

The Harper family“If you are thinking of, or are already training for ministry, invest some time into building a partnership with Stewardship.”

Ali Harper,

Oak Hill Theological College, United Kingdom

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