money advocacy

Money advocates are committed individuals with something to say about biblically-based money education in the church, and in the community.

Money advocates speak up and speak out. They challenge the sound of silence around money; they want to change the money culture in their church; they encourage money talk with honesty, openness and humour.

  • Money advocates believe that biblical teaching about money is central to both personal discipleship and congregational faithfulness and should be a natural part of discipleship teaching.
  • Money advocates believe that the church can and should take action in and with the local community around money issues, especially supporting those burdened with debt. 
  • Money advocates are financial buddies not financial experts. Some have a financial background, most don’t. They are not debt experts but they do care about people in debt. 
  • Money advocates are committed to speaking up and speaking out about these things. They support and encourage their leaders, they challenge and they bring resources to this ministry. 
  • Money advocates will very often enhance their advocacy by training as a personal budget coach and put this training in the service of the ministry of their church where possible.
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